We are looking for current solution methods for 2021 for those who encounter the PUBG Mobile Vietnam Problem, ie error. The solution method will work for everyone. Usually, those who play the Vietnamese version of the PUBG Mobile game with the Emulator from their Computer (PC) devices encounter the PUBG Mobile Vietnam Issue when they try to log into the game on their mobile device. For whatever reason, if you get such an error, the solution method we offer you below will be useful. The guide on the PUBG Mobile Vietnam Error will continue to be expanded throughout the year 2021. We will also fix other types of errors and problems caused by this error.

How to Fix: PUBG Mobile Vietnam

PUBG Mobile Vietnam Issue is one of the most common mistakes that players encounter, especially after the updates in 2021. When they want to throw matches before arriving in Vietnam again PUBG Mobile server via a computer or mobile device Vietnamese versions are experiencing such a question.

We have investigated how you can eliminate such problems during 2021. The solutions of this problem, which cannot be found in domestic sources, are one of the issues frequently shared by foreign sources. Not only the players in our country, but also the players abroad are struggling to play matches on various PUBG Mobile servers like Vietnam.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam Issue (Error) Solution

For PUBG Mobile Vietnam Problem (Error), you need to apply the solution method we will offer you completely. In this way, the problems you may encounter in 2021 will be solved and you will not come across them yet.

  1. Open Tencent Games Emulator,
  2. Before logging into the PUBG Mobile game, click the Change Server button under the picture,
  3. Select Vietnam server, and restart the application complete.

With the simple operation above, you will be able to restore your server information saved as different. Even if the emulator program you use is different, the settings will be the same. If the PUBG Mobile Vietnam Issue continues, you can report it to us.