Metin2 was added to Steam a while ago. It is a very old game. Personally, I remember playing Metin2 as a little kid. So, what can we do if this game, which is included in steam, does not open with an update problem? I will tell you about them today.

What is the Error Issue in Metin2 Torrent Update? How To Fix It?

This problem may actually be an internet or steam related problem. In such a case, it was nice to search Google first before attempting to delete the whole game and install it again. If you want, let’s move on to our solution methods without making you wait any longer.

Fixing Metin2 Torrent Update Error 2020

Error in Metin2 Torrent Update 2020

I would like to first explain the most logical and fast solution for this process. Turn off your computer and unplug your modem for a minute. After one minute, plug back in and start the computer. Afterwards, instead of entering the game with steam, find the files where the game is installed and run the game with metin2.exe from there. Since it will work without Steam and the modem cache is cleared, it should enter without any problems.

A second solution is to use DNS and VPN. Best VPN's HereYou can set up and run a traditional VPN. The important thing is to change your DNS settings. To access your DNS settings, search Windows search for network sharing center. Then double click on ethernet> properties> internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) or click once to open your DNS change screen. Confirm and close the DNS addresses section by typing in the first part and in the second part. Afterwards, you can open the original files of the game by running VPN and run the text2.exe program and enter the game.