It shows that the majority of Facebook users are now logging into the platform from the mobile application, not from the PC. Well, as such, studies for smartphones are coming one after another in addition to the PC.

As you know, many smartphones offered for sale in recent years have technologies that allow you to rest your eyes under titles such as “dark mode, night mode, low light mode”, offer a blue light filter, and thus use them for long periods of time. Of course, resting the eyes and protecting them from blue rays are important not only for phones but also for PCs. In this context, Facebook’s new arrangement was “Dark Mode”, that is, on the dark mode side.

How to enable dark mode in facebook?

Just tap on the hamburger icon on the top right corner (below the messenger icon) and scroll down. Now tap on “Settings & Privacy”. You will find the “Dark Mode” below the “Your Time on Facebook” and above the “Language” option.

In Facebook, first of all, we click on the arrow next to the notifications bell at the top and we see the phrase “Switch to new Facebook” towards the bottom of the menu. After clicking, you can switch to the new design by following the other statements and activate either the light or dark mode. And yes, you also have the chance to switch to the classic look if you want.

If I have to express my personal opinion, the dark mode idea is good, but I did not like the new design very much as of now. It is likely that there will be other moves from Facebook based on the comments of users and there will be other studies for a more refined experience. Did you like this new version of Facebook?

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