How to Edit Videos

How to Edit Your Videos for YouTube?

How to Edit Your Videos for YouTube? Want to be a YouTube star? Here are some things to consider when editing your videos for Youtube.

You have seen YouTube videos with millions of subscribers and decided to become a star, but since you have always been on the consuming side of the platform until now, if you do not know exactly how to edit your videos, we recommend you to take a look at our recommendations.

Google’s video hosting and viewing service If you are on the side that produces content on YouTube and you have just started this business (some users think seriously with the platform, as it is possible to earn serious money from video views, although not as much as abroad), you should be careful to attract more users (subscribers) to your channel. there are some points.

Start with a good selection of cameras:

To stand out from the tens of videos, the quality of the video you offer is as important as the choice of location. You need to choose the device that reveals the quality of the video. Nowadays, mid-to-high segment smartphones and tablets (whether you want to shoot video with tablets or not, there are those who do) have simply impressive cameras, but most of them do not perform as well as daytime shooting at night, and although they seem to compete with digital cameras, they never replace digital video cameras. . At this point, the choice of video camera is also important. It is not enough that the image quality of your camcorder is top notch. It is as important as recording the sound well and using a separate microphone as well as providing the best image quality.

The video editing part is important, take serious time:

There are dozens of professional software you can use to edit your video after you shoot it. Among them, Windows Movie Maker seems to be the best choice, as it contains effective tools, is easy to use and is completely free to download . In the video editing program, which is also fully compatible with Windows 10, there are two points to note before proceeding to the editing phase: First, choose the bitrate as 700 – 1000 kbps (1200 or higher value unnecessary) and choose the file output format as mov or mp4. After you’ve saved your work, there is only one and most important thing left: Uploading your video to YouTube.

How to Edit Videos With Windows Movie Maker?

In this video I’m showing you how I edit my videos with Windows Movie Maker!

This program is easy to use and totally free! I’m showing a step by step tutorial for beginners but also if you want to know extra tricks to do effects in this editing software.

Download Movie Maker

Do not go through the questions in the uploading your video step quickly:

Your video is just the way you want it and it’s time to put it on YouTube. During the video upload step, the platform will ask you many questions.

 At this point, as many YouTube users do, to answer questions quickly, in other words, to quickly skip this process, answering questions without looking at the questions will throw away all your efforts. In this step, it is best to give an effective title for your video, write a unique description, carefully add tags by considering the terms users will search for. Note that it will take some time for your video to appear depending on your upload speed and YouTube.