PUBG has arrived mobile! PUBG mobile game is available for download for Android and iOS. Here is the way to download PUBG mobile version.

PUBG, known as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, is on mobile! PUBG mobile version is available for download for iOS and Android. We explained what you need to do to download Tencent Games’ PUBG mobile game. With a few simple steps, you can download the PUBG mobile version and start playing.

PUBG Mobile is Here!

PUBG, the multiplayer survival game developed by Bluehole, is one of the popular games of the last period. PUBG, one of the most played games by YouTubers, professional and amateur players, has finally arrived on the mobile platform. The PUBG mobile version belongs to Tencent Games, which collaborates with the producer company. It is available for free to both Android and iOS users, but since it is still in beta, it is not accessible to everyone in the app stores. Of course, it is possible to download and play the game in a very simple way. If you are looking forward to playing the mobile version as a PUBG ipad view fan, you can follow the steps below to download it to your device and start playing. Without further ado, I am going to explain the way to download PUBG mobile for both iOS and Android users.

Download PUBG Mobile Game (Free):

PUBG mobile game belongs to Tencent Games. Collaborating with the game’s maker Bluehole, the PUBG mobile version is available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms. Graphics and gameplay are top-level game, still in development and not open for Turkey users in the Google Play Store; It’s also available in Chinese on the Apple App Store.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Game to Android Devices?

PUBG ipad view that downloading mobile games yet opened in USA “This item is not compatible with any device,” we encounter the warning. To download the country restricted games on Google Play, what you need to do is quite simple. Downloading and activating any VPN app and then deleting Google Play Store data. You can now download the PUBG mobile version on your Android phone and start playing.

Note: How to change Google Play country? In our blog post, we explained in detail how to download Android games that cannot be downloaded due to country restrictions. You can download PUBG mobile version without any problem by following the same steps.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Game to iOS Devices?

The PUBG mobile version is currently only available on the Chinese Apple App Store. To play the game, all you have to do is open a Chinese App Store account. We explained how to download games with region restrictions on the iOS side in our blog post “How to Download Region Restricted Games and Applications on iPhone and iPad”. By following the steps here, you can easily open a free Chinese App Store account, download the PUBG mobile game from Apple’s own app store (we shared the link below), and start playing immediately without waiting.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Game?

How to Play PUBG Mobile Game

Let us remind you that after downloading the PUBG mobile game on your Android / iOS device, you must log in with your WeChat account in order to play it. When you start the PUBG mobile game, you create your PUBG mobile account by selecting WeChat login (green button) in the menu screen selection and indicating that you accept the access permission. Next comes the character creation screen.