If you want to download the photos or videos from Google Photos to your computer or to your own Android device, the application offers you a series of methods that we detail below.

Google Photos is one of those great inventions that Mountain View’s have managed to position at the top, and thanks to this application we can store all our photos or videos in the cloud with all the advantages that this implies.

In this way, all our paired devices will be able to obtain each of these photographs by downloading them from the cloud. The good thing about this application is that if we suffer a small accident on our original device, we will continue to keep all these images and videos in Google Photos as long as we have backed up each of the files.

In any case, if you are wondering How To Download All Google Photos or Videos, there are several methods depending on whether you want to download a specific photo or album or everything you have in Google Photos.

How to download photos or videos from Google Photos

For this we have several procedures, depending on whether we want to download a specific album / photo / video or all the content.

How To Download All Google Photos or Videos

Download photos and videos from a single album

  • For this, we will have to access the Google Photos application from the computer, entering the credentials of the Google account associated with the application.
  • Next we select the album that we want to download.
  • Once we have selected it, we click on the three vertical points that are located in the upper right part of the interface.
  • Among those options we will have the option to “download all“.

Google Photos

Download files one by one

  • It is as simple as selecting the video or photo that we want to download
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right area of the interface
  • And select “download”.

Download photos and videos from all albums

  • The first step we have to do is access this link.
  • From there you have to enter the credentials of the Google account that you have in Google Photos.
  • We will arrive at a screen where we can download all our data that is associated with said Google account.
  • By default everything will be marked, so do not hesitate to click on “unmark all”
  • However, since we are interested in the topic of Google Photos, we have to look a little lower for the Google
  • Photos application and select its box.

Google Package Services

  • Just below Google Photos we have several options to choose the albums that we want to select for download.

Google Photos Package

  • Once we have selected what interests us, in this case everything, we go down to the next step
  • Now we can customize the file format under a single file or scheduled exports. We can also choose the type of compressed file and the size of said file so that we are sure that we have enough space to download it.
  • We select create file
  • When the process is finished you will be able to download the file.

Google Photos All Download

How to download All Google photos and videos on Android

If you have an Android phone with the Google Photos application installed, you can also download the photos.

Download a specific album / image / video

  1. Enter the Google Photos application
  2. Select the album, photo or video you want to download
  3. Click on the three vertical dots and select the option to “save to device

Download all photos and videos at once

  • Enter the Google Photos application on your mobile
  • Go to the “menu” option and then select “settings”
  • Select and activate the “add automatically” option
  • Click on the arrow to go back in the interface
  • Find the Google Photos folder and open it
  • Select the folder you want to download
  • Then press on the three points and choose the option to “select all” and finally to “download

This way you already know how to download all your photos or videos from Google Photos to your computer and also to your Android device.