How to Delete Friends in PUBG Mobile? We explain it in the most current way. You will be able to quickly and easily delete the player from your friend list. How to Delete Friends for PUBG Mobile that will work for players? We will continue to answer questions such as.

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Dating?

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Dating? You will be able to easily delete the player you want to delete from your friend list, if you follow the answer we have given for you. If you do missing and wrong, the deletion will not be successful and the player will continue to stay in your PUBG Mobile Friend list. How to Delete PUBG Mobile Friend ?

  • Come to My Friends in PUBG Mobile interface,
  • Click on the friend you want to delete,
  • Press the 3 dots next to your friend’s name,
  • Click the “Block” button on your friend’s profile.

By following the simple 4 steps above, you will remove the player from your friends list and delete them. How to Delete PUBG Mobile Dating? The answer to the question is that simple.

Login to PUBG Mobile game, open my friends location while on the home screen, then we click on the friend we want to delete. Let’s click on the 3 dots next to our friend’s username in the window that will come up, and then let’s say block while in the profile information.

Is PUBG Mobile a must to block to delete friends?

For PUBG Mobile Delete Friends, you can delete the player by blocking the method we explained above. You can still delete players in other ways, but it will be more difficult and challenging. Already blocking a player will not prevent you from encountering him again. By blocking the player in PUBG Mobile, you are closing the audio and written communication paths.