How to count words in google docs?


  • Word count functionality is only available in Google Docs .
  • Word counts for the entire document except headers, footers, and footnotes, unless you select a specific section of the document.

Learning the word count in a long document

Tip: Use this feature for long documents such as novels or screenplays.

  1. Open a document in Google Docs on your computer .
  2. To find the word, character and page count, click Tools nextWord count at the top of the page .
  3. Click Done to close the window .

Learning the word count while writing

Tip: Use this feature for shorter documents like news articles or essay assignments.

  1. To find out the number of words you type “show the number of typing the word” > OK “s mark.
  2. At the bottom left, click the Word count box to display:
    • Page
    • Word
    • Character
    • Character without spaces
  3. To hide the word count , click the Word count box > Hide word count in the lower left .