How to cancel Netflix membership

How to cancel Netflix membership?

In addition to YouTube, one of the platforms that replaced television is Netflix. Although there is a great interest in Netflix, the platform for watching TV series and movies, whose number of users is increasing day by day, the number of people who want to cancel their membership has increased considerably recently because they are not satisfied with the content. We are here with the guide to cancel Netflix membership / Netflix account deletion after your request!

Netflix account deletion

How to cancel your Netflix subscription using a web browser
  1. Start a web browser and go to
  2. Click the downward-pointing arrow in the top right of the page and then click “Account.” …
  3. Near the top of the page, under Membership and Billing, click “Cancel Membership” and confirm your decision to cancel.

How to cancel Netflix membership?

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Netflix account deletion guide
It is as easy to delete an account as to subscribe to Netflix. You can complete Netflix account deletion in just a few minutes by following our guide. Let’s take a look at what you need to do now.

1 – Netflix may use an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to cancel your membership to Netflix’s website ( we’re checking in.

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2-after logging into your Netflix account, click on the profile photo in the upper right corner and click on “your account”.

3-you will see information about your account, such as your e-mail address, your payment management and the package you use. We click on the” Cancel Membership “button under the” membership and payments ” heading.

4-after clicking on Cancel Membership option “do not want to watch anymore” and “stay with us” he will have two options.

5-they want to ensure that you continue your membership by offering more affordable options in the “stay with us” option.

6 – ” Do you not want to watch anymore to cancel the membership? you should click on “complete cancellation” from the “option”.

7-after you click complete cancellation, a final question is asked why you want to cancel Netflix. We successfully complete the Netflix membership cancellation by selecting any of those options and clicking the OK button.

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Don’t cancel your Netflix membership by phone!

You do not have to use a computer to cancel a Netflix membership or otherwise delete a Netflix account. You can delete your account using Netflix’s iOS and Android app.

1) Open the Netflix application on your phones and click on your login or login linked to your username.

2) You will see the “more” option in the lower right corner of your phone. Click on the More option.

3) Click on the account option from the screen that opens. Your phone will direct you to the Netflix web address.

4) Click the “cancel subscription” button on the screen that appears, and then click the “complete cancellation” option.

5) Finally, select any of the options for why you are canceling your subscription and click the OK button. Thus, your membership will be canceled. Removing or deleting the app from your reminder phones will not cancel your Netflix subscription. It is necessary to be careful about this.

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deleting a Netflix account via iPhone

If your phone is an iPhone, you can cancel it as described above. If you did the billing via iTunes. Enter Settings from your phone, enter the iTunes or App Store section, click subscriptions, select the Netflix icon, click the “unsubscribe” button on the resulting screen and press the Confirm button.

Netflix free trial cancellation

You can terminate your Netflix free membership as described above from your computers and phones. However, the only difference is that you must terminate your membership at least 24 hours prior to billing. Otherwise, your bill will be cut and you will have to pay the bill. You can continue to watch movies and TV shows on your Netflix account from the date you cancel your free membership until the end of your membership.

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