How To Build A House In Minecraft Step By Step

For how to build a house in minecraft easy modern survival starter small cute simple wooden minecraft pe amazing hard blue detail. Place blocks on top of each other to build up some walls, and make a roof by placing blocks side-by-side on top. 

  1. If you want to build a big house but are not sure how to do it, you can do it using the details in this section. 
  2. Being able to look at the landscapes in Minecraft, fly out of the house with elytra, etc. I suggest you build your big houses somewhere high for things.
  3. Don’t make it big just to make big buildings. You cannot fill it in, it will not be useful, it will look bad. Don’t start with the box when you’re going to build a big building. Make a plan and think about what to put where. A quadrangular house won’t look good. So you can add rooms that will protrude from wherever you want. 
  4. Sharp color differences between the wall and the floor look good. Gray floor does not suit a black wall.
  5. If you are going somewhere like a mountain, the basics are important. Fill the bottom of your rooms suspended in the air with broken stones and similar blocks, and you can give the image of standing on the column by removing columns from the edges. 
  6. Do not say that I will change it once I do, I will stay in line with my plan. If the experiment is not good, you change it. For example, the wooden columns I put did not fit with black stones, so I made gray columns.  
  7. Let the height of the floors be at least five blocks. Your head should not touch the ceiling in any way.
  8. If you want to make the floor of the upper floor from wood, but if you say that the wooden ceiling does not look good from the first floor, put a half block of different stone and put the wooden block on it.
  9. It doesn’t look very nice if the building wall is of one type. You can beautify the image by adding strips of different stones. I preferred to put polished stone in the floor transitions. A stone similar to a wall ensures the integrity of the building. 
  10. If you don’t have a lot of space, spiral stairs will do the trick. The staircase you will make from half blocks will look more beautiful than you will make from the staircase block. 
  11. You can make the floors of the rooms in different colors. 
  12. There is no such thing as every floor will end at the same level. Complete the floor you want at the level you want. Let the other floors continue to grow.
  13. A wall that looks straight in this way indicates that the building was made sloppy. You can spoil this flat image with balconies, windows and columns.
  14. Even a small circular balcony works this way.
  15. You are free to try different things. If you like jumping around the house, you can even design a floor like this.
  16. If you are in a high place like a mountain, you should make a road to your home, but this road should not go straight down. The curving staircase looks better.
  17. Do the lighting process at night. All kinds of lighting actually look good. End bars go well in corridors, pumpkins in the garden, torches in dungeons and balconies, light stones you hide under the floor in great halls, lava goes well around the building. 
  18. Keep light sources away from your eyes. The better you can hide the light sources, the better. 
  19. If you are building such a dark house, use plenty of glass. Make sure that the color of the glass matches the walls of the building or any other color you use. 
  20. Castles have a dungeon, albeit small. 
  21. Decorate each room according to its purpose. Do not have a furnace or a magic table in the kitchen. 
  22. You can make the roof flat, pointed or in the form of a terrace. But places like towers have pointed roofs. 
  23. Behave in accordance with the geography you are in. Since I was in a snowy place, I put snow everywhere. By putting snow blocks in the places where the lava melts, I made the image harmonious. If you are in the desert, don’t make a pointed roof. The pointed roof is good and logical in regions with frequent rainfall. +
  24. It was not that big, but compared to the previous section, it is quite big. 
  25. Minecraft is a very symmetrical game. For this reason, one does not want to see any more symmetry. Instead, he wants something more asymmetrical, beautiful in graphics, and detailed.
  26. For example, you will build a house of stone bricks. (My advice is to do small or medium-sized things, because large structures cost material and time, and it can be challenging to fill and detail.)
  27. Do not make the floor from the same stone as the walls. I do not recommend it to be the same color. You can achieve a beautiful color match with cheap materials such as wood and stone steps.
  28. If you like to fight, use iron bars instead of glass. It makes your house look like a headquarters, a defense castle.
  29. You can do without a door. You can set a trap at the entrance where the creatures you will save cannot enter. Only you and baby zombies can pass through the trap in the picture. If you build a road with a trap door and two layers of snow, you can bend over. You can put rails or doors to get rid of baby zombies. 
  30. If you want to make columns inside or outside the house, use black wood or acacia wood.
  31. You can make a few boxes on the top and sides of the building and add room. If you are doing something like a castle, don’t forget to build the walls of the castle.
  32. If you want to make your home scary, you can do the lighting with magma blocks and lava.  
  33. You can often use anvils, cauldrons, armor hangers and furnaces for interior decoration.  
  34. Don’t forget to add the details you learned earlier.
  35. To break the symmetry, you can make a few bricks on the wall look like they came up with a ladder.
  36. You can ditch lava and obsidian around your house. It narrows down the arrival path of monsters and prevents mass attacks. one
  37. You can make cages with creatures or villagers inside.
  38. Add the last details and your home turns into a scary warrior house. 
  39. Bridge, cages, lava ditch, ramps for rapid descents, traps etc.