How to become a support teacher – RB

How to become a support teacher – RB

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How to become a support teacher – RB

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How to become a support teacher – RB

The support teacher is a very important figure in the Italian school system because it represents a point of reference for the pupil who has a disability and for his entire class. Those who wish to fill this role in Italy can take various paths. Although, as just said, there are several possibilities to become a support teacher, it is certainly not easy to succeed in this intent.

For this reason, in order to remove all doubts about how to become a support teacher and thus maximize your chances to fill this role, it is necessary to know exactly all the steps that must be followed, as well as the specific requirements that are required. Before all this, however, it is appropriate to clarify another aspect: who is a support teacher and what exactly he does.

Who is a support teacher and what does he do

A support teacher, or rather, as defined by the Miur (Ministry of Education, University and Research), the teacher for support activities is a specialized teacher assigned to a class where there is a pupil with disabilities in order to facilitate the integration process. Therefore, as is often mistakenly believed, it is not a question of the teacher of the pupil with disabilities, but of a professional resource that is assigned to the entire class, in order to respond more effectively to the major educational needs related to his presence. in the classroom.

Specifically, the support teacher has the task of responding to the educational needs of the pupil with disabilities with interventions tailored to their personal conditions and of creating the conditions for the full expression of their identity and abilities, promoting their integration. within the class. This type of teacher, at a regulatory level, was officially introduced into Italian compulsory schooling with the 4th August Law 1977 .

How to become a support teacher

Now that the definition and tasks of this important figure are clearer, the time has come to get to the heart of the matter and focus, specifically, on what to do to become a support teacher. We have already mentioned that there are several ways to undertake this particular profession.

The essential requirement is to be in possession of the specialization for support activities ( TFA Sostegno , also called Active Training Internship ). This is a one-year specialization course organized by the Universities, aimed at both graduates and high school graduates, which can be accessed through a competition based on qualifications and exams.

The TFA for the support teacher is divided into a series of tests (a preselective test with multiple choice questions, a possible written test at the university’s discretion and an oral test with open questions) and varies according to the grade. of school chosen (Infancy and Primary or First or Second Grade Secondary School). In general, however, all the TFA Sostegno tests are aimed at verifying skills in the following areas:

linguistic and text comprehension; socio-psycho-pedagogical; recognition and understanding of emotions, moods and feelings in the pupil; help to the pupil for his expression and for a more adequate regulation of the main affective states; ability to self-analyze one’s personal emotional dimensions in the educational and didactic relationship; creation of innovative and original strategies in the verbal and linguistic, logical-mathematical fields and through visual, motor and non-verbal languages; school organization and legal aspects concerning autonomy s colastic. Once you have obtained the specialization you can become a support teacher in various ways and that is:

obtaining substitute positions with inclusion in the rankings; by forwarding its provision; by participating in the competition for professorship.

How to get temporary positions as a support teacher

As mentioned, it is possible to become a support teacher by initially obtaining substitute positions through the inclusion in the ranking or by submitting the so-called MAD (made available).

The MAD consists of an informal application, legally recognized and provided for by the MIUR, through which the aspiring alternate presents his spontaneous application and declares his willingness to carry out substitutes for medium or long periods. Through it, it is possible to be called directly by a Headmaster for a substitute position.

The provision for support teaching is called MAD for support . In order to submit your own provision for supporting teaching, you must have a master’s degree or a three-year degree. The request for availability can be sent at any time of the year.

How to become a tenured support teacher

In order to become a tenured support teacher it is necessary to have, in addition to the specialization for the support activity, also the teaching qualification and it is necessary to pass the competition. As an alternative to the support qualification it is possible to present 24 CFU (university formative credits) and a qualification valid for access to at least one class of competition.

The competition classes are codes used in order to obtain a uniform classification of subjects and qualifications, necessary for access to the teaching of a specific subject. Each qualification qualifies for teaching for some specific competition classes.

The methods of the competition for support teachers vary according to the grade chosen (childhood and primary or secondary school). For greater clarity, it is possible to refer, first of all, to the Kindergarten and Primary School Competition 2021 . In order to participate in it, one of the following requirements is required:

degree in primary education sciences; master’s degree with qualification value or experimental linguistic degree or similar qualification qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy; similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized by the MIUR. The same requirements are required for support posts, but the specialization qualification on support must also be added. The Kindergarten and Primary School Competition includes:

a single written test; an oral test; the valuation of securities; the formation of the final ranking. The single written test for supporting teaching consists of 50 questions, of which 40 questions regarding special pedagogy, developmental and learning psychology, teaching methodologies to be applied to the different types of disabilities and regulatory-organizational aspects and aimed at assessing the knowledge of the contents and procedures aimed at the inclusion of pupils with disabilities, 5 English questions and 5 IT questions.

Each correct answer is worth 2 points, while wrong or not given answers are worth 0 points. It follows that the test is assessed at most 100 points, but is considered passed upon achieving a minimum score equal to 70 points.

The oral exam of the Kindergarten and Primary School Competition consists of an interview with a maximum duration of 30 minutes aimed at assessing the skills in the context of comprehension and conversation activities in English at level B2, the mastery of disciplines and skills of effective didactic planning also referring to information technology and communication.

There are ad hoc manuals on the market dedicated to the preparation of the Competition for Child and Primary Support Teacher, divided into different parts, including “Legislation and school regulations”, “Regulatory, organizational and governance”, “Psycho-pedagogical and didactic field” , “Scope of knowledge of disability and other special educational needs in a bio-psycho-social logic” and “Operational tools”. Other manuals focus on specific subjects on the written test, with a focus also on the English language and on school legislation and regulations.

The Secondary School Competition , on the other hand, provides:

a single written test; an oral exam; the valuation of securities; the formation of the final ranking. The written test of the Secondary School Competition consists of several multiple choice questions aimed at ascertaining the knowledge and skills of the candidate in relation to the type of position chosen, as well as on IT and English topics.

Specifically, the candidate for the posts for support activities is required to have knowledge and skills that make it possible to foster an inclusive system in which the disabled pupil is the protagonist of learning in relation to the skills and potential possessed. To this end, the candidate must possess skills aimed at an individualized educational planning which, respecting the rhythms and learning styles and needs of each pupil, identifies balanced interventions between learning and socialization.

The skills and the knowledge, more precisely, they are required in relation to different areas: regulatory, educational and educational psychology, knowledge of disability and other special educational needs in a biopsycho-social, organizational and governance logic. The oral exam for support teaching includes an interview focused on the capacity of didactic planning, on the definition of the environment of learning for inclusive teaching, on competence in the use of information and communication technologies, on dialogue with the commission on the contents of the assigned topic and on the ability to understand written comprehension and oral production in English And.

Also in the case of the Secondary School Competition there are ad hoc manuals dedicated to the preparation for the path relating to teaching support. In particular, generally, we focus on the psycho-pedagogical field, on the field related to inclusive teaching methodologies and technologies, on the field of knowledge of disability and other special educational needs and on the regulatory, organizational and governance sphere.

In any case, as specified, the methods of competitions dedicated to the school may vary from selection to selection, even within the same type: for this reason, to know precisely how to become a support teacher, it is necessary to read the announcement carefully. of the competition you want to participate in.