Pubg, the most popular game of today, offers Pubg Partnership to well-known players and publishers. The aim is a feature offered for the game to be developed and recognized more. Most players send Pubg Partner offers, but some of them require certain criteria. So How To Become Pubg Dating? What is necessary to do, what are the conditions, we will provide you with the necessary information on this subject. If you meet the conditions, you can become a partner.

What is PUBG Partner?

Pubg Partner is a kind of support method for content producers. It is a way of building strong bonds with community members who are committed to Pubg and rewarding their time spent in the game and the value they add. This authorization is given especially to those who open game broadcasts on Social Media, who have plenty of followers and who share Pubg content on YouTube. Pubg Partners are regularly rewarded by the developers. Every effort has a reward, and those who are partners have great advantages. What does Pubg Partner do? If you want detailed information, you can find the necessary information in the rest of our topic.

What Does PUBG Partner Do?

How to Become a PUBG Mobile Partner

For those wondering what Pubg Partner does, I would like to tell you about the advantages. If you are a Pubg Partner, you are authorized to open a private room in the game. You can gather your friends or followers in this room and organize matches and tournaments. Also, after you become a Partner, Pubg Authorities regularly send you free Pubg UC. If we continue with the advantages, you will be invited to activities organized in your Country and you will be at the forefront. This allows you to be more popular while promoting the game. Gifts will be sent to you by Pubg in the next. This could be Computer, Computer equipment or various gifts. People who become partners also receive a certain fee. Apart from these, what is the role of Pubg Partner? We can answer the question as follows;

  1. To be respectful and helpful to Pubg Players.
  2. He must be concerned and committed to his audience.
  3. While playing Pubg, he must be an exemplary player and be able to reflect that.
  4. Those who do not share inappropriate content on their social media accounts (such as competitor content.)
  5. To provide feedback about the game and offer suggestions on game improvements.

Finally, Pubg Partner has the first chance to try the features that come to the game. You can participate in special events. It takes advantage of all the opportunities offered by the game and the developers and the control phase of the players they report is the 1st priority.

How to Become a PUBG Partner? 2020-2021

You play the pubg game regularly and if you think you can meet a certain criterion, you can review the following conditions;

  • It is necessary to have a regular audience on live broadcast platforms. (Min: 500 People)
  • You must have +200 Followers on Twitch.
  • You must have 50 thousand or more YouTube subscribers.
  • You should regularly broadcast live at least 3 times a week.
  • Your posts must not violate community guidelines.

To be clear, in order to become a Partner, you must be a well-known phenomenon. The reason why they want you to be a partner is to constantly introduce the Game to people and prevent them from getting bored with the game.