Featured Channels On Youtube

How To Add Featured Channels On Youtube 2020

If you are a youtube channel owner, you will see that when your channel link is clicked, there is a section called related channels on the right, usually this section is the link of other channels associated with the information you provide on your channel.

It is automatically added to the face, it is not recommended to disable this part because it is added to the related part of other youtube channels in your channel the same way, disabling it will prevent advertising on your own youtube channel, paki but let’s say we have 2-3 youtube channels, we have our own We want channels to stand out, what do we do in this case.

On the top I asked the featured channel is not set.You see the.net youtube channel

Adding a Featured channel to your Youtube channel

How To Add Featured Channels On Youtube 2020

With the featured channel setting, we can highlight other channels of ourselves, as well as advertise any channel we know or want, it is enough to follow a few simple steps, let’s come to the steps:

1. Let’s login to our Youtube channel

2. Click on “My Channel” on the left.

3.Let’s pull down the slider on the right and click on add channel under Featured channels heading.

4. In the “Add channel to section” section, we add our secondary channel or the address of the channel we want to advertise, first click the “Add” button (1), then the “Done” button (2).

Thus, those who click on our channel will see the channel (s) featured at the top right (Picture below)

This will increase the number of both clicked will reduce the number of sending visitors to competitors in both, though it seems like a simple I would strongly recommend to those setting the YouTube channel I found it quite important from the strategic point of view, Sordum.net to subscribe to our YouTube channel Click here