How to activate a telephone account without knowing if the fiber arrives at home – RB

How to activate a telephone account without knowing if the fiber arrives at home – RB

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How to activate a telephone number without knowing if the fiber arrives at home – RB

How to activate a telephone account without knowing if the fiber arrives at home – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. How to activate a telephone account without knowing if the fiber arrives at home – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

How to activate a telephone user without knowing if the fiber arrives at home – RB

Who has never activated a telephone number might think that it is a super enterprise: in reality, the procedure is really very simple as it is sufficient to contact the new operator and obtain the necessary documents.

Let’s see below c how it works and what are the expected times and costs : let’s start by saying that activating a telephone line without knowing if you can also have the optical fiber is not recommended. verification of one’s own network coverage , a free procedure which does not involve any technical skills.

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How to activate a new telephone account fixed

The first step is represented by the comparative analysis between the various offers available on the market , in order to identify the ones that best suit what you are looking for and your budget.

higher savings .

When a telephone number is activated, the following data are requested:

name, surname and tax code; address of the house where you would like to install the new line; a telephone number. Discover the best solutions to have a landline at home

After sending the request to the chosen supplier, you will receive the visit of a technician who will have the task of taking care of the installation. The latter will generally require his / her identity document, tax code and a anti-abusive document , which can be represented by a simple bill in the name of the person who made the request for a new telephone line, or by a copy of the building permit.

Times and costs

At this point, it is very useful to know what are the times required to activate a fixed telephone service at home: from the moment the request is made, activation should take place within 10 days in time (or in a shorter period of time).

In the event that the new supplier takes longer (because perhaps the user is activated in an area that is difficult to reach, in a period in which the activation requests are very high), you will have to specify this in advance.

The consumer can request to consult the Service Charter of the telephone company, on which the activation times are indicated and which must be provided to the user before signing the actual contract.

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Should there be any delays, the user has the right to be informed in a timely manner and to know what are the reasons why the times are going beyond what was agreed. In case of non-communication or if the delay should persist, the customer can make u n complaint by contacting AGCOM directly . You will also be entitled to compensation with respect to the times indicated on the Service Charter.

As regards, instead, the activation cost there are no fixed rules: it varies on the basis of the individual supplier and today a large number of fiber optic offers are available with free activation or included in the cost of the monthly fee for a specific period of time.

As fixed telephony offers work today

We said that the best way to find an offer we like is to make a comparison among those that are available on the market, preferably with the use of an ad hoc tool.

In this way you can compare not only the monthly prices, but also any promotions available only online (as often happens in the case of free and unlimited calls from a landline) and the extra services that can be added.

Today a offer for telephony fixed it includes the activation of a landline number, but without having to pay the telephone fee, and unlimited Internet connection. The monthly cost also often includes a latest generation modem, which you are not obliged (by law) to accept, even if in reality it would be convenient.

The Internet home Wi-Fi offers are , therefore, of the all-inclusive type and available at less than 30 $ per month . If you want to save, it is advisable to do some more reasoning. For example, the promotions for existing mobile customers have lower costs (as in the case of WINDTRE) , or it is possible to take advantage of a discount if a friend already has an active service with a specific operator (this is the case of TIM).

By activating a offer for fixed telephony you can also have unlimited Giga for the smartphone , on multiple mobile SIMs, which today represents (probably) one of the best offers among all those that can be subscribed.