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How to access a credit card CVV from Safari using autofill

If you’re like me, you’ve switched to using chip payment cards and Apple Pay whenever possible for all your in-person, over the phone, and online purchases. Apple Pay requires credit and debit card registration, and the back-end infrastructure handles all of the security for you. Safari for macOS can authorize Apple Pay to an iPhone, iPad, or Watch if the Mac doesn’t have Touch ID (either built-in or enabled through a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID).

However, you can also enter card information manually in Safari. In macOS, it’s via Safari > Preferences/Settings > AutoFill by clicking Edit next to “Credit Cards.” In iOS/iPadOS, go to Settings > Safari > Credit cards. Provide your name as it appears on the card, its number, its expiration date, and the verification code found printed on the card. This information syncs via iCloud Keychain if you have it enabled.

When you use AutoFill to enter a credit card, Safari pulls from its local data store:

If you enter the verification code (most commonly labeled CVV or CVC) in Safari’s AutoFill settings, Safari will fill it in if it recognizes the field after using Touch ID, Face ID, or your device password. If you don’t enter it in Safari’s card preferences, you can reserve it as an extra step for yourself—one more bar to avoid accidentally spending or giving yourself more time!

origin 1You can choose to enter the security code (CVV/CVC) when entering autofill details in Safari.

Some sites design their forms to prevent the verification code from autofilling. In that case, you can:

Look for it on your card to enter. Download it from a password manager, like 1Password, if you store it there. Go to Safari settings (easier on a Mac) and click or tap the file Security code field to reveal the number.

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