How Putin Humiliated World Leaders

How Putin Humiliated World Leaders!

Spectacle welcome everyone in Russia. These are things that the world does not do except with regard to the recent Ukraine issue. Even
if the war was expensive.

The Russian business tsar at the beginning of his reign forced them to obey him. As the last century. He also witnessed with the Russians the
great insult of a leader who can guess what he might do.

This is precisely what confused the whole world, the negotiation, not at the head of the table.

Putin, laden with the grandeur of the union, their president does so by knowing Russia’s location and size. And this Putin’s personality and prestige, and everyone mentions his position in the
Russian interior.

When men gather only a strong man. While the West or analysts see it. The actions of the former Soviet and dreamer will restore
his glory. The awareness that Russia does not govern is precisely what has forced the world to fear Moscow.

A man like this is not the ferocious Soviet intelligence, the KGB, and he is also the man who brought the Chechen fighters to Poliselson in front of a lens, who witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union before his eyes and the birth of Russia, which remained weak. It lost its war to Chechen fighters in the mid-nineties of World War II and was able to withstand.

He is the sameson not to grow again.

This is Putin, the son of a city, which is called today. It

happened in a factory situation that a
powerful businessman shut down

. You are an extremist Islamist and you want to
be circumcised. Come to Moscow and we will ensure


hostility. How Putin forced him
to sign for reopening it in

Russia The stranger will not care about any
results. He is the man who believed

Russia’s strength in Chechnya. It was shocking to
everyone when he told the journalist if you wanted a

white man and he flirted with him and the journalists
were not present. As sometimes he has

two at a Russian-European summit.
A reporter asked him about the crimes

that he was trembling Esser Cosé when
he threatened him that he would break him if

Saint Petersburg continued. The city that
witnessed the most horrific attack and siege of Nazi Ban

is the president of Iran. And before
all of them. Putin was receiving the

camera. When he was forced to sit
at the door of the match in talks with

former French President Nicolas
Sarkozy. It may make him confused to the point that

it is not limited to the presidents.
Strange Putin does what he wants, even

harsh responses to
journalists’ questions. In the year 2000, he

deliberately overthrew the Turkish president’s chair
before sitting in a tripartite meeting that

included journalists. He had previously gone out
to receive Japanese journalists with a

Moscow dog.

A visit by the President of Russia to a Russian base
in Syria. The list of victims of the Tsar,

one of his guards, prevented Syrian President
Bashar al-Assad from walking with him while

he sat at the table that Putin used to
seat the French president.

Putin also met his boss while
chewing gum. While it was considered that the outsider loses

more than two minutes before he is
allowed to enter to the extent that

it is out. Before Macron, the master of the
Kremlin had gone out to receive

the Iranian President,
Ebrahim Raisi. Which has already been

Turkey, Russia and Iran. And outside to the
Kremlin everyone remembers. When he rose

in the world at that time. Nor does
anyone forget what Caesar Erdogan did. He got

tired and had to sit down. And before
that with the same President Erdogan, while

Russia with Turkish President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan. While making him wait in

like no one. And the beginning of the last
positions that were mentioned during the

German chancellor is that the company of a
black dog. What caused Barbak the most powerful lady

ridicule the whole world. Where Putin sat him
in the far, quiet corner of

the press conference, Putin ran out and
left his guest behind. Moreover,

on the side of a table that is never used in
bilateral meetings. Then, in his

use of a sexually suggestive phrase
about Ukraine, evidence of his mockery of the

hottest in the world. So he went out to find
pictures of his meeting with the President of Russia

, where he was receiving the French President, who
came to Moscow to discuss the most files

from presidents and media figures, all of which are the
godfather of the eccentric man, Vladimir, the

first to the master of the Kremlin, and of course it will not
be the last. The man does not blame

you for scenes that violated political norms and traditions
and embarrassed the guests of

Putin’s Russia. Then we will try to answer the
motives and reasons for the behavior of the tsar, who

weighed one and deliberately mocked
everyone. In this video we show

fifteen. And it must accept the
implementation of the terms of the agreement. Not the last time he

‘s gone out. More than
that, it is used as a sexual phrase within my

sweetness. He means Ukraine and its signing
of the Minsk Agreement in the year 2000. The

same meeting is related to Ukraine. When he
used a phrase that you should take, oh

recently, the whole world watched how
Russian President Vladimir

Putin received his French counterpart Emmanuel
Macron. Sit him away. In one scene, the

Kremlin strongman and
Russia’s new tsar.