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How many Man Utd games will Casemiro miss due to suspension

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By Michael Graham

Man Utd appear to have found a long-needed midfield talisman in Casemiro this season but they will need to get used to being without him for the next few games.

The former Real Madrid player was sent off against Southampton for what the referee deemed a high challenge.

Manchester United could appeal the decision due to Casemiro’s offending foot appearing to deflect off the top of the ball before making contact with Carlos Alcaraz, but it would still appear unlikely to succeed.

Casemiro was actually an outsider to direct red cards before arriving in England, having previously only been sent off for two yellow card offences. He has now received two direct reds in his last three Premier League appearances.

All of which means Man Utd will be without the Brazilian for a while, but how many games will he miss and, perhaps more importantly, what will they be?

How many Man Utd games will Casemiro lose?

Usually in the Premier League, a direct red card for this type of incident results in an automatic three-match ban. This, as we know, is in itself a considerable part of football.

However, as it is Casemiro’s second consecutive red card of the season, the Brazilian will instead be forced to sit out for four games.

With an international break imminent, that means the next home game Casemiro can play in Man Utd will be April 15 in Nottingham Forest.

Will Casemiro’s suspension only apply to Premier League matches?

This is a good news/bad news situation for Casemiro and Man Utd.

The good news is that the suspension won’t prevent him from playing in the Europa League. This means the midfielder will be available when Man Utd travel to Spain to take on Real Betis this week.

However, he will be forced to miss the upcoming FA Cup quarter-final match against Fulham next weekend as part of his suspension.

Which Man Utd matches will Casemiro lose?

That FA Cup match against Fulham will be the first of four suspension matches. However, should Man Utd progress, they would be available for the semi-final.

The first Premier League game he loses could be crucial. It’s far at Newcastle United, who have not lost hope of finishing in the top four. The Magpies will also want to avenge the defeat in the Carabao Cup final against Man Utd, a match in which Casemiro scored.

Man Utd then have a revenge match of their own as they welcome Brentford – who beat them 4-0 in August – to Old Trafford.

Casemiro will then complete his suspension in the home match against Everton, currently scheduled for 8 April.

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