How does whatsapp make money

How does whatsapp make money? Here is the detail

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application, was previously reopened for $ 0.99 after the 1-year expiration date. With the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, the application, which does not contain any ads, has become completely free. So how does Facebook make money from WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp was previously available for $ 0.99. In this way, the application could generate income. With the purchase of the application by Facebook, as a result of the expiration of this 1-year free usage period, the fee requested from users has also disappeared. It seems like WhatsApp has nothing to generate revenue from. Because the reason why users use WhatsApp excessively is that it is an ad-free content.

How does whatsapp make money
How does whatsapp make money

So where does WhatsApp make money from?

How does whatsapp make money 2020

According to reports, Facebook received the information of more than 500 million users rather than the application when purchasing WhatsApp. The reason for such an outcome lies in WhatsApp’s Terms of Use agreement. Because according to that agreement, the information of WhatsApp users can be shared with third parties and when a company purchases this application, it can also receive the information of all users in the application. As it can be understood, Facebook bought users’ information along with WhatsApp.

Whatsapp earning method

According to the rumors, by purchasing WhatsApp, Facebook gathered the information of people in an account and opened the way for various activities to start with the users not being aware of this situation. According to the claims of some users, this process is as follows: For example, when you make a speech about that you will buy something from WhatsApp, some ads related to that issue appear on Facebook.

How does whatsapp make money
How does whatsapp make money


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that they are working on a new system as the WhatsApp Pay payment system. Zuckerberg stated that they are working to make money transfer via WhatsApp as easy and fast as sending photos. He also stated that they want to integrate a sales platform that enables the creation of showcases containing the products of various companies in WhatsApp and where users can purchase products belonging to the brands in these showcases using the messaging application.