How could C8 broadcast such a grotesque and dangerous film as “Unplanned”?

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For those who are lucky, passed between the drops, Unplanned is an American anti-abortion film released on 17 August, in prime time, on channel C8. We follow the (true) story of Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood (the equivalent of our Family Planning), become … a fierce anti-abortion activist. If Abby really exists, the film is so riddled with scientific and political untruths that it is more like a bad B series. Except that a B series is not ideologically dangerous.

It is no longer time to beat around the bush: this film is propaganda. Everything is done to make women feel guilty about having abortions and to dissuade them as much as possible, with glaucous and bloody scenes, post-tinted with redemptive prayers.

Produced by a company specializing in films Evangelical Christians, aided by a financial boost from an obscure lit Trumpian millionaire, the film was controversial even in the United States, where only Fox News and the Christian channel CBN, as indicated by Le Monde , have agreed to advertise it. This is to tell you the extent of the disaster, and the danger, of said fiction.

The devil wears Bolloré

In France, the controversy has gone well, especially around the vagueness of the law of the offense of hindrance to abortion which, alas, the film does not fall under. Because it is thus specified: “D n its decision, the Constitutional Council makes two reservations of interpretation. It specifies that the only dissemination of information intended for an undetermined audience on any medium, in particular on an online public communication site, cannot be regarded as constituting pressure, threats or acts of intimidation within the meaning of contested provisions , except to disregard freedom of expression and communication. In addition, the Council specifies that the offense of obstruction can only be constituted on two conditions: that information is requested, and not an opinion, that this information relates to the conditions under which a voluntary termination of pregnancy is practiced or on its consequences and that it is given by a person holding or claiming to have competence in the matter. ”

Specialist lawyer Sandra Vizzavona, author of the book Interruption, abortion by those who lived it , castigates a law ” which did not go far enough and does not absolutely prevent disinformation on the subject. However, the pressure from sites and films is implicit. We suggest that you will morfle and regret it forever. ”

The film therefore falls within the scope of freedom of expression and opinion . Very clever Vincent Bolloré, who either inquired with his armada of lawyers, or does not give a damn about the CSA authority. In my opinion, both. It should be noted in passing that if the bloody scenes had resulted in a ban on less than 11 years across the Atlantic, and that the French distributor advises against it at least 11 years, like underlines it in the media Les Jours , C8 offers us a shy less than 10 years (which allows the prime time ), embellished with a jerk off message:

” In France , every woman has the right to dispose of her body as she sees fit. This right is guaranteed by law. This story, which only commits its author, does not mean questioning this right but measuring its importance. ” Ah. So that doesn’t engage the chain? Clown emoji, vomit emoji, hand in Haribo’s package even before the start of the film to endure the ordeal.

“But what ‘important’ ? ”, protested Sandra Vizzavona , who co-signed with obstetrician gynecologist Philippe Faucher an article published in Elle. “We are fighting precisely to stop taking abortion for a tragedy! For some women it’s difficult, yes, but you can’t generalize. There are a lot of women, including me, for whom it didn’t matter. ”

Very strange sign on C8 just before the broadcast of the anti-abortion film # Unplanned 11 K9mzWm

– Julien Pernici (@JulienPernici) August 16, 2021 American Nightmare Beginning of the film, I’m a little apprehensive (you’re reading a chick who made vagal discomfort while swiping his PSC1 at the sight of a bottle of fake blood; you can laugh, but politely). We thus discover Abby with her charming family, the cute feet of her little girl in close-up on a fluffy carpet. ” I was asked: ‘You were really gullible at this point?’ My story is not a fairy tale. ” Believe me, neither is my evening girl.

In four minutes of film, here we are in the OR, where Abby, who works at American Family Planning, comes to attend an abortion. As much to strike a great direct blow, and in medicine and in the intelligence of the spectator, because we then see a woman who oozes suffering on the operating table and a thirteen-week-old fetus who will … struggle. But like, wriggling crazy.

“He’s moving, it looks like he’s leaking the catheter!”; “They always do that!” , answers dryly the gynecologic torturer who persists on the reluctant fetus. Then the suction device fills with blood, like a milkshake in a blender. Horrible smirk from Abby who opens her terrified eyes. The following image shows an empty uterus. I let you imagine what Julia Ducournau would do with such a scenario.

Screenshot Enhjin Baatar via YouTube

It So it’s worth remembering that a fetus doesn’t feel anything for twenty-three to twenty-four weeks, hydrate Abby. And that the suction abortion is done under local and general anesthesia. No one squirms in pain on the table. Traumatized by what she sees, Abby resigns in the process. I secretly hope the film ends there (it’s been five minutes since it started, so there is little chance).

Nay, we are entitled to a flashback: we see, Abby, naive student who is recruited by the wicked Planning which she does not yet know is nasty, Abby and her first abortion which we do not see anything, Abby and her second abortion, medicated this one , of which we can see everything. Distressing music, excruciating pain, hair stuck with sweat, the young lady staggers, vomits, screams, cries, kills her cat (no, I’m kidding), ends up fainting on her blood-stained white tiles.

We then see a woman who oozes pain on the operating table and a thirteen week old fetus who will … struggle. But like, wiggle crazy. ” It is filmed as crime scenes , observes Sandra Vizzavona. Blood is a deterrent ” seems to be the leitmotif of the writers.

” Eight weeks of blood clots and pain” , reports Abby. Did you say excess? ” It’s me that I wanted You were our baby from the moment of your conception. ” Ah, the return to grace of guilt! This one should not be forgotten, the film is puking, it crosses my screen.

But the courageous Abby, refreshed, continues to work for the devil … sorry, the Planning , where the anti-abortions of this Texan corner take turns night and day in front of the grid, represented in a sympathetic and gentle youth, including a girl with angelic blondness decked out in a subtle “Hope” t-shirt.

Museum of Horrors The director of the center where Abby works, she has hair black with unkind people and would make the Titanic iceberg look like a disco dance floor on a hot summer night. Looks like Cruella, except instead of wanting fur, she wants to eat babies and sweat money through every pore. Director Cruella then invites Abby into the ME room. Ahah, you don’t know eh, gullible spectator, what the ME room is? “This is the children’s pieces room.”

There, I swallowed my Haribo crocodile, which I wanted to pass with a pint of brandy. “A room where the fetuses are reconstituted in a box.” We want to see! No luck, we do not see anything and we will not know what it could be for. Second telepathic call to Julia Ducournau, we have something here. I do not even see what we can debunk, we are close to the fit of laughter. Or tears, I don’t know anymore.

And the whole movie is in the same vein. We have the right to the teenager who comes to have an abortion, has a hemorrhage, is stuffed with meds by the professionals “so that she does not remember anything” in order to avoid scandal. Abby even has Cruella’s ban on calling an ambulance, Ambulance. Doctors are callous butchers, Planning a ruthless venal institution that wants at all costs “to sell abortions like apartments” with “Growth goals” , anti-abortion activists compare abortions to the Holocaust and slavery (help), and Abby’s daughter asks her “ why is there blood on your shoes mom?” . Even if a doctor who performs abortions is shot, in the head, in a church (!), We quickly move on. After all, he kinda deserved it, sir, right?

After a painful hour and a half, both for Abby and for me, here she is, turning her blouse over, candid smile under a poster “Pray end to abortion” , oscillating between crisis of guilt ( “I was an accomplice of 17 . 0 00 abortions ”) and relief (“ We must ask God’s forgiveness ”, suggests her husband, anti-abortion of the first hour).

Anti-abortion activists compare abortions to the Holocaust and slavery. In front of your TV, you, you don’t have only one desire, it is to ask forgiveness of the teenagers who will fall on this dangerous film, and to rebel against those and those who made possible this diffusion sc Andalusian. And rebel against those who did not rebel. How did we get there? “If a young girl pregnant with 11 years falls on it, what will happen? , worries Sandra Vizzavona. It’s monstrous. Anti-abortion is infiltrating everywhere and few people care. It is an entertainment channel at the base, rather with a young audience, given the Hanouna show. This is very worrying. ”

For the lawyer, the film highlights the flaws in the American system with the question “Lucrative” for such acts (in France, abortion is fully reimbursed) and lack of information, since “the Planning is clearly shown as a sect “.

” We need a true and good law ” For Capucine Hauray, Director of Planning 22, Unplanned is part of a succession of disturbing events, such as degradation of the family planning premises this year in several cities . “What is worrying is that o n brings into the collective unconscious that we can question the right to abortion. Can we question all human rights then? Ç has opened a terrible way. Today there is no political will to tackle anti-choice, and access to information on abortion is still complicated. This film, it is additional violence that we add! ”

Let us recall that the proposal to include the right to abortion in the Constitution was rejected by the National Assembly in July 2018. As if this were a given that we should no longer worry about today. “But there is still a lot of work , recalls the specialist lawyer, in particular around the support of women who abort. We need a real and good law. When we are well accompanied, everything goes well. But today, everyone thinks that in France there is no problem about abortion. ”

Everything proves the opposite, starting with this film broadcast in the first part of the evening, easily passed through the cracks supposedly protecting the crime obstruction of abortion. May this shameful film revive the debate on the inclusion of one’s right in the Constitution, which is more necessary than ever.