Hotspot Shield Free Download

Hotspot Shield Free Download

Hotspot Shield For Windows

Hotspot Shield free download, is a powerful proxy program that allows you to browse the internet anonymously by hiding your identity and access banned sites without the need for extra software.

Hotspot Shield, a VPN-based software, is one of the software that internet users in our country often call VPN program and access program for banned and blocked sites. Hotspot Shield, which protects users against all kinds of online threats they may encounter on both the internet and local networks, hides your IP address and allows you to surf the internet anonymously to ensure personal privacy.

The program, which will protect you against web services, third party software and service providers trying to capture your personal information, will also help you to access blocked sites and banned sites, so you can enjoy free surfing on the internet.

Hotspot Shield, which offers a very effective solution for users who do not have knowledge about DNS change or do not want to change DNS, can be easily used by computer users of all levels thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface. With the software, which is much more useful and simpler than similar programs on the market, you can start surfing the internet safely and freely with a single click.

The VPN program, which allows you to choose from different security levels thanks to the security options under the settings menu, provides you with a very strong and effective protection even when connected to any wireless network outside your home.

As a result, Hotspot Shield, one of the most advanced and effective VPN programs on the market, attracts attention as one of the programs that should definitely be on your computers.

For Windows

Hotspot Shield For Android

You can use this application if you care about your security and privacy on your Android operating system or if you want to access banned sites.

One of the most popular software that PC users have used for many years to access banned sites, to access blocked sites abroad, or to protect privacy and personal data on the Internet was the Hotspot Shield program.

However, the application, which has been lacking in mobile devices for a long time, was finally prepared by the manufacturer AnchorFree GmbH and put into use for Android smartphones and tablets.

The program provides many benefits for security and privacy, as well as access to banned sites.

– Data protection in wireless internet areass
– Identity and IP information encryption
– Features such as spam, phishing and reporting of unwanted traffic are among the features of the application.

In addition, thanks to its feature of compressing the data traffic you perform on your mobile device, it can prevent your quota from filling by providing much less data flow in internet connections such as 3G that have data limits and are subject to charges.

Before installing the application, you need to uninstall other similar software on your device, and if you want to delete the application, you need to use the uninstall option in the application, not the standard delete menu.

For Android