Honor does not forget the mid-range with the new X20 5G

The new Honor X 20 5G is a smartphone of the range media that bets on cutting-edge components with a low price, although for the moment, only for China.

Honor yesterday staged its separation from Huawei and the beginning of a new journey with the presentation of the Magic3 range , high-end smartphones in both features and price that will arrive in Spain. But when the lights went out, the company announced, almost under the covers, a new mobile that may be more interesting to its traditional customer.

And we cannot forget that Honor was born as the brand low-cost Huawei, so the Magic3 is a way to break away from that past. But the company has confirmed that it will continue to offer more affordable devices, with the X range. The new X 20 5G is the first.

We are facing a model of 6, 67 inches , with FHD + resolution screen and refresh rate of 120 Hz; However, here we will not find the curved screen of the Magic3, and that is why the edges will be noticeable more, with the screen occupying a 94, 4% of the front.

The other cut will be found in the processor, which is a Dimensity 900 from Mediatek that can be accompanied by 6 or 8 GB of RAM; however, it seems to live up to expectations, including 5G SA / NSA support with dual SIM support.

Regarding the cameras, the X 20 follows the same design line of the Magic3, with a large circle on the back that houses three sensors, which together with the flash allows to achieve a similar symmetry. The main one is 64 MP with aperture f / 1.9, and is accompanied by a 2 MP depth sensor and a 2 MP macro camera. Finally, on the front there is a 16 MP camera with a hole in the screen facing right.

The fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the power button, on the side, and it is striking that the 3 audio output is maintained, 5 mm to use traditional headphones, something rare in modern mobiles, even in mid-range ones. Finally, the battery is 4. 300 mAh, with fast charge of 66 W .

The price is the most striking part, with the basic version of 6GB and 128 GB of storage costing 1899 yuan, only 250 euros, and 8 GB, 2199 yuan, 290 euros. Its launch in Spain has not yet been confirmed, but for those prices it can be a good rival.


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