Homemade mantecados recipe: a traditional sweet as basic as it is essential for after-dinner … -!

Choosing a side in the dispute between polvorones and mantecados is very complicated, especially when the exact difference between one and the other is not very clear. According to the tradition of each area, the same term can be used for the same sweet, and it is that, originally, polvorón is a type of mantecado , which has given rise to various variants. But the base remains the same: flour, lard and sugar. To be more faithful to the original tradition, which in the case of these Christmas sweets is not as old as it is you can think of -the first recipe dates from the middle of the 18th century-, our mantecados do not contain any nuts, eggs or propellants, they are prepared with granulated sugar and covered only with sesame or toasted sesame . We opted for the two most traditional flavors, cinnamon or lemon, letting everyone choose their aroma to taste. It is said that only polvorones have toasted flour , but in reality the most famous original mantecados, those from La Colchona, precisely revolutionized their elaboration with the founder’s idea of ​​toasting the flour to extend its conservation. In this way moisture is lost and a better texture is obtained, slightly different from that of polvorón, which also helps using granulated sugar. We use, yes, finer grain, but you can use normal. Drying the flour is optional , but it helps to keep it for a longer time and to give it its characteristic texture. To do this, we can use the oven at a temperature of 150 – 160 ºC, without air; It is stirred after 15 minutes and bake for about 10 – 15 minutes without letting it take on a lot of color. Another option is to toast it in a pan, stirring constantly. In any case, it is very important that the flour is completely cold and the butter at room temperature . If we use cinnamon, mix with the flour; if we use lemon, add to the butter. Once the ingredients are ready, beat the butter with the sugar with rods until you have a homogeneous cream; add the flour little by little and continue beating; we will obtain a grainy texture. Place on a clean work surface and knead until it has a homogeneous smooth consistency. Wrap in film and let it rest at room temperature in a cool place for at least one hour. When it’s time to bake, preheat the oven to 180 ºC without air. Roll out the dough leaving a thickness of 1.5-2 cm ; if you stick the rolling pin, do it on kitchen paper, with which a large tray will also be lined. Cut small portions with a round or square cutter, cover with toasted sesame with gentle pressure and distribute on the trays. Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes, until they just start to take color but are not toasted. They can actually be left to brown more to taste, as preferred. Remove and allow to cool completely before handling them with great care. With what to accompany the homemade mantecados The homemade mantecados will bring joy and merriment to our candy trays in which to show off the most traditional sweets, such as nougat soft or marzipan. They cannot be absent at coffee time with guests at home, and they are essential in the after-dinner of the big days, as the culmination of the menu. If we want to show off even more, we can accompany them with homemade whiskey cream or a non-alcoholic punch. More Christmas recipes In Directo al Paladar we love these holidays and we have thousands of recipes for you to be sure in your Christmas meals. Don’t miss our special with the 215 best recipes Christmas and 16 special menus. And if you need ideas for specific dishes , here is a good starting point: Canape recipes Appetizer recipes and starters Salad recipes Fish recipes Meat recipes Side dishes recipes Desserts recipes Recipes for traditional Christmas sweets Recipes for Christmas cookies Cocktail recipes Directly to the Paladar | Recipe for danielitos de Cónchar, the famous puff pastry ice cream from this town of Granada Directly to the Paladar | The 215 best Christmas recipes and 20 special menus to get it right