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Historical Message S on NATO: “Best for Sweden”

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full screen Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) justifies the historic S yes message to NATO at the party headquarters in Sveavägen in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Persson / TT

The Social Democrats say yes to Sweden asking for NATO membership.

– The best thing for Sweden and for the security of the Swedish people is NATO membership, says Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S).

The historic decision was made by the council of the Social Democratic party after a few hours of deliberation on Sunday afternoon.

The party thus liberates the freedom of alliance which has been a cornerstone of Swedish security policy throughout the 20th century to this day.

– Freedom of covenant has served us well, but our conclusion is that it will not serve us as well in the future, says Magdalena Andersson.

– This is not a decision that you make easily, but we have to relate to reality as it appears.

No nuclear weapons

The decision also means that S must work to ensure that Sweden, if the application is approved by NATO, expresses unilateral reservations against the deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases on Swedish territory.

According to Expressen, the party council’s decision was taken without a vote. However, there were members who wanted to say no to NATO’s enforcement.

The heavy district of the Skåne party has decided by its district congress to say no to NATO, even if opinions in the district are divided.

The turning point towards possible membership has gone a record in the party. Recently, in early March, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said that a NATO application would further destabilize this part of Europe.

Never thought about resigning

At the November party congress, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist stated unequivocally that NATO membership is not relevant, certainly never as long as he is Defense Minister. He guaranteed it to everyone.

Despite his assertive statement, he did not consider resigning.

– No I did not. Although I figured out how to interpret the statement this way. Ultimately, it’s about taking responsibility, even if you can get criticism, Hultqvist tells Dagens Nyheter.

On Friday the government, together with parliamentary parties, presented a new analysis of the security policy. He said Sweden’s security would increase with NATO membership.

On Monday, the Riksdag will discuss the security policy analysis presented on Friday. After that, the government should also put its feet up on the NATO issue.