Here’s Why Women Exercise Less Than Men, And The Reasons Are Alarming (News) – Here’s Why Women Exercise Less Than Men, And The Reasons Are Alarming As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Here’s why women exercise less than men, and the reasons are alarming” Here are the details .. According to a study published by Injep, a quarter of French people aged 12 years and over have practiced little or no physical activity or sport during the last twelve months. And it is the women who are most concerned.

To arrive at these results, the Injep (National Institute of Youth and Popular Education) questioned 11 000 people during his survey entitled “The obstacles to the practice of French people with little or no sport: heterogeneous situations”.

Fragile health, loneliness, cost… Two thirds of French people who do not practice sport are women. They are often over 49 years , less educated, and “ from more precarious socio-professional groups and have more modest educational capital ”, underlines the Institute. The authors of the study explain these figures for several reasons. First of all, fragile health (26%) with 28% of women who have a physically difficult job. Social difficulties (20%) do not allow them to practice, in particular the fact of not knowing no one to practice with, or having difficulty bearing the gaze of others. For the others, a lack of interest in sport, the cost and the inadequacy of the sporting offer hamper the practice.

The mental load in question In 20% of cases, the women confide a “ accumulation of professional, school and family constraints ”. ” This group consists mainly of people from 28 to 49 years (52%), active (74%) more often working as an executive or employee (42%) than in the other families . It is characterized by an over-representation of couples (74%) and with one or more children (60%) ”, explains the study . These figures show that men and women are not equal when it comes to the practice of sport. When women stop sport, it is often because they are starting a family life and that they no longer have time , the means, nor the mental strength to manage everything.

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