Here’s why gasoline prices keep rising

Julien Sarboraria / Capital If you’ve been on the road these past few days, you’ve probably noticed: the price at the pump is still very high. And above all, the liter of diesel or gasoline does not weaken, far from it. An observation that Capital had already made on 11 June last with a liter of diesel for 1, 12 euros, and gasoline around 1 , 41 euros. The levels observed had returned to those of 790. But how to explain these constant increases for a year?

Our colleagues from La Dépêche listed the causes of these rising prices, starting with an offer that fell below demand. With the economic recovery, demand is stronger and at the same time, maritime traffic has been slowed down. A price increase is therefore passed on in all areas. But that’s not all, since refiner margins have greatly increased at the same time.

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The exchange rate unfavorable to the euro zone We must also take into account the fact that “central banks have injected a lot of liquidity used for speculative purposes”, explains in Le Parisien, economist Véronique Riches- Flores. By anticipating an exit from economic difficulties, companies participated in this increase, as did the elements which dangled a rapid restart: “the discovery of vaccines and the election of Joe Biden in the United States”, insists the economist .

In the At the same time, the exchange rate has become unfavorable to the euro zone, which weighs on imports of hydrocarbons, notes Le Parisien. With prices sometimes flirting with 1, 50 or 1, 90 euros per liter, prices are soaring in Paris. And the trend is far from optimism. With the ongoing Iranian oil embargo, the market is under pressure. If the Biden administration lifted the sanctions, prices would necessarily go down.

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