Here's how often you should change your sheets

Here’s How Often You Should Change Your Sheets (News) – Here’s How Often You Should Change Your Sheets As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Here’s how often you should change your sheets” Here are the details .. For restful sleep, there’s nothing like falling asleep in clean, well-ironed sheets. But how often should you (really) wash your duvet cover and pillowcases?

In direct contact with our skin for several hours a night, bed linen is a real breeding ground for bacteria . Perspiration, cells, dead skin… indeed play a role in the development of micro-organisms, such as germs and mites. However, to preserve your health, it would suffice to wash your sheets (at least) every two weeks. Pillowcases, impregnated with make-up, care and dust should be put in the machine once a week, especially in summer, when bacteria multiply due to the heat.

30, 60, 90 … at how many degrees to wash your clothes? Allergies, pimples and other blackheads … many disappointments could be avoided if we washed our pillow cases more regularly. Yet, according to a survey conducted in the UK in 2014, only a third of people change their sheets once a week.

While it is still recommended to rely on the temperature indicated on the label for washing, be aware that bacteria, like dust mites, will only be eliminated from 60 degrees. Finally, always wait until your pillowcases are perfectly dry before placing them on your pillows or putting them away, the humidity favoring the appearance of germs.

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