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Here is the list: the government rejected several anti-corruption measures

Unsupported suggestions include:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of preliminary market consultation.
  • Expansion of the Council operating within the framework of the Public Procurement Authority to include non-governmental actors whose activities cover the public interest goals named in the preamble of the Public Procurement Act (PPA).
  • In addition to professional interest groups and chambers, civil organizations independent of the government and state bodies, which are part of the Kbt. with regard to the public interest goals mentioned in its preamble, they can submit a request to the Public Procurement Decision Committee regarding the invitation to tender, bidding or participation, public procurement documents, or the illegal way of amending them.
  • To examine the possibility of collecting statistical data on the beneficiaries of individual grants and making them publicly available.
  • To examine how, in the case of calls announced in the standard selection procedure, the number of evaluation aspects that require consideration – and often include subjective judgment – can be reduced.
  • To examine the possibility of making the reason for the rejection of individual applications public – while maintaining the anonymity of the rejected applicant.
  • Revision of Article 39 (3) of the Basic Law. It contains the following definition: “Public money is the income, expenditure and claim of the state.”
  • In the case of contracts compensated from public funds, a proposal for the publication of the contract and all documents related to it as a prerequisite for proof of performance and payment, as well as for certification by the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority.
  • Revision of the practice of some prominent state bodies in the field of press relations.
  • A complete revision of the new private prosecution procedure.

Several proposals were rejected by the government on the grounds that they were partially implemented or could not be supported by EU directives, the newspaper reports.

Proposals that receive the support of the government are more administrative in nature and less weighty than the rejected initiatives. Among the former is that the professional chambers forward to their members the notifications about the start of the preliminary market consultation, that the Public Procurement Authority, in cooperation with the Economic Competition Office, develop new guidelines on the prevention of conflicts of interest, corruption and cartels, and that the government supports the possibility of partial tendering more comprehensive control in order to reduce single-bidder procedures and increase the efficiency of the competition. Some of the proposals – which fall within the government’s competence – will also be implemented in the upcoming anti-corruption strategy.

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