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helicopter and firefighters struggle for hours with the fire

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GOSALDO – Fear for the residents of Selle who this afternoon, March 14, saw the flames approaching their homes, fueled by the wind that did not want to calm down. The burning of a dry meadow and a wooded area threatened the safety of those who live in this small village, with the flames that stopped just 50 meters away from the town. The triggering origin is unclear: a self-combustion but also an unwary gesture, given the high drought of the soil, of someone who could have set fire to some brushwood. “Two fortunes have avoided the worst – says Mayor Stefano Da Zanche, on site with the police until late in the evening to keep the situation under control – The first is that the intervention of the firefighters was timely and then that the gusts of wind have dropped over the hours. ” Overall, however, about 40 thousand square meters were burned at the stake.

The alarm from a team of Enel workers engaged in the burying of some electrical cables on the road to Laveder dates back to 13.30. Returning from the lunch break that began an hour earlier, they noticed the existence, on the lawn in front of the street where their site was located, of some small outbreaks. With the shovels they tried to extinguish them but the wind of the moment did not help them, so much so that the flames were fed more and more. «It seems among other things – says the mayor – that the same fire has reached an electric cable that has been hanging there since the time of Vaia, therefore over three years. From here, with a sort of trigger, the fire would have had its apex spreading with more power and then, thanks to the wind, even with greater speed. However, this is a first unofficial reconstruction, currently being examined by firefighters, carabinieri and forestry workers who were present on the spot and made all the necessary checks. What really happened will be known in the next few days ». «Of course today in Selle, last week in Roste and Ren – adds the mayor – self-combustion is fine, but doubts arise. Certainly I signed an ordinance that prohibits the accession of fires and the burning of brushwood and I recommend that the advice be followed. There is such a drought that these flames can give rise to very dangerous situations ».

“The area affected by the fire – explains Da Zanche – is between the lower area of ​​Le Foche and gradually climbing along the bush up to Selle: an area of ​​more or less 200 meters by 200. The extinguishing intervention is lasted about 7 hours, between 1.30pm and 8.30pm, with the use of numerous firefighters from the Agordo Command and various voluntary detachments and also with the intervention of a helicopter that refueled in the tank of our camper area in Lambroi “. And last night the mayor was working to set up night teams of volunteers to keep the situation under control. “Unfortunately in Gosaldo we do not have a Civil Protection team that is in the training phase – he highlights – and today’s intervention, both daily and at night, will begin to train our young people on the field who have given their willingness to join the group” . Also yesterday, the firefighters intervened in Canale d’Agordo for a small fire. While a couple of days ago in the Feltre area, ten thousand square meters of bush were destroyed in Col dei Mich di Sovramonte and a wheat field was burned in Santa Giustina. In both cases, the triggering cause is clear: the excessive drought of the land that easily becomes the victim of fires. Precisely for this reason, since February 2, the alert launched by various administrative bodies is at its highest.