Hearts, bowls of torreznos and raw milk: what is the trend of the ancestral diet

Hearts, bowls of torreznos and raw milk: what is the trend of the ancestral diet, Intermittent fasting, the keto diet and, now, the “ancestral diet”, the new gastronomic trend of your favorite social networks.

The “ancestral diet” is very similar in its precepts to the Paleo diet , but with nuances. The plan is, as its name suggests, to feed yourself like your ancestors , and with “your” ancestors, the local character of the term is underlined: unlike With paleo eating, this diet will fluctuate depending on whether you are living in Norway, Cuenca, or Milwaukee.

The reasoning is seemingly overwhelmingly simple: the agricultural revolution has some 10. 000 years old, while the human body it has not changed much for about 2.6 million years. That revolution was so drastic that, according to the ancestors, ” our genes have not had enough time to adapt to food crops “. The natural, ergo, the “good”, like any argument that falls willingly or not in the naturalistic fallacy , consists of returning to a hunter-gatherer diet .

Of course, this implies getting rid of any trace of the processed product, but not the one that is not local or seasonal.

The raw heart, the bowl of torreznos, the raw milk A couple of weeks ago the news of a bodybuilder and former US Marine who tells in his networks that eating liver, testicles and bone marrow, all raw, changed his life. Brian Johnson, Liverking , with 650. 000 Tiktok followers frequently appear exhibiting delicacies that scandalize the young generations grown away from the offal. Their point of no return was their children’s illness: ” the more my boys interacted with the modern world , the more abundant and serious the allergies they acquired” . Within two weeks, her children’s health fully recovered, she says.

Those of heartandsoilsupplements , 76. 10 followers on Instagram, are a company that sells nutritional supplements of “lyophilized organs” and ” of regenerative origin ”. They campaign for the ancestral diet. His posts mix the promotion of his vitamin packages with the impressive sculptural bodies of the practitioners of this diet. The moment you start eating “real food,” your whole life changes, they say. They also claim that a lot of vegetables sold in supermarkets will eventually lead to inflammation and the development of autoimmune disorders. In his scheme, that’s your body asking you to give up the “toxicity” of the food industry. Sunflower oil, forbidden, in return, you should eat much more meat and especially raw organs (brain, hearts …).

Raw is the best because that is “the best way to preserve all the nutrients and bioavailable peptides ”. If you cannot guarantee that the meat comes from a butcher shop that meets all sanitary requirements, you should fry it with lard, tallow. What to do if, like many, the taste of raw liver disgusts you? Using your freeze dried organ supplements, the perfect natural way to mask the taste.

Fivekingdomsfarm, with 21. 000 followers on Tiktok, affirms “ if you can’t grow tomatoes in December, you shouldn’t eat tomatoes in December ”. Other of the great forgotten by modern nutrition is that we should eat more wild foods, especially vegetables, fleeing from current crops, and also in a more diverse way, from a multitude of different species instead of the 40 or 50 species on which the contemporary American diet is based.

Simply Grayce, from Portland, has been dealing with ulcerative colitis for a long time, a chronic disease that seems to be nonstop. She has also found in the ancestral diet a perfect remedy for her ills, and thus shares her experience and recipes: “Today’s breakfast consists of a large bowl of torreznos cereals, apple, pumpkin spices and maple syrup. It’s incredible! ”, He tells us. At the bottom of the bowl you can see the milk. It is raw, another of the essential legs of this revolutionary diet, since our ancestors did not have sterilizing technology.

Grayce tells, for example, another important moment in his life. At the end of August she was detected an outbreak of ulcerative colitis, which led her to immerse herself in a raw milk fast , it is That is, cut down on all food intake other than raw eggs, raw honey, and raw milk. After three weeks of testing she had suffered nausea, bloating, severe stomach pains and the loss of a worrying amount of blood . After “listening to his body” and “detoxifying”, he found that eggs and cow’s milk had caused the aggravations, but he knew how to supplement it with other ancestral foods, such as raw goat milk.

Pseudoscience James Wong, botanist and host of the BBC program “Follo w the Food ”, recently investigated the world of ancestral diets . “I feel obliged to remind you that eating what (you think) your ancestors ate has no scientific or historical basis “. Their arguments are based on the same flawed (and evil) views that underlie eugenics and racism. Asian-looking Wong was told that his ancestral diet required him to eat “small amounts of animal protein, like fish sauce” But this would not even reach 1% of the protein needs for a healthy diet, so would technically have to drink a liter of fish sauce “Fortunately, based on a DNA test, I have British, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Northeast, and Southeast Asian blood,” which, in theory, would allow you to eat a lot more food.

It is a legitimate question: what happens to local consumption for people who have migrated to another continent? Or whose parents, grandparents or great-great-grandparents have moved from the region in which they were born ?

About milk raw, it is a classic among classics that never ends up going. Milk is a great medium for pathogens to grow, and that makes the risk of poisoning grow exponentially, such as we already explained . Raw meat is also another source of health risks, with E. Coli, campylobacter, yersinia or salmonella bacteria, among others, being able to hit us without much difficulty.

There are not many studies yet about the ancestral diet, but about the so-called paleo diet, its first cousin. “ There is no strong evidence that following a Paleolithic diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease or metabolic syndrome ”, and as of 2014 there was no evidence that the Paleolithic diet was effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease. It can lead to nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin D and calcium , which your could lead to compromising bone health, and can also lead to an increased risk of ingesting toxins due to a high consumption of fish.

While it does exist some evidence that these diets help to achieve weight loss , possibly due to the greater satiety of the foods that are consumed regularly, there is also that the consumption of large amounts of red meat leads to a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases in advanced ages.

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