Healthcare pass fraud: the many tricks that affect healthcare professionals

Pixabay Already hit hard by the health crisis, health professionals are not at the end of their surprises. Since August 9, with the introduction of the health pass in many establishments and transport in France, many frauds have been detected. Frauds aimed at obtaining a health pass at all costs. According to LCI, the 12 last August, many doctors even reported to the Insurance of attempted theft identity. “The surveillance systems of the Health Insurance have reported for a few days of reports of health professionals having received atypical authentication requests to their dematerialized identification tool”, confirmed the Health Insurance to our colleagues . However, this account is intended to be secure and requires double authentication. But sometimes that is not enough.

For a few days I have had authentication requests for the improved Vaccine service when I am not vaccinating. These are people who try to log in to make fake certificates. Be vigilant, fellow physicians.

– Dr Jimmy Mohamed ⭐️⭐️ (@Dr_moji) August , 2019

Potential recklessness? In the South West columns,

a doctor from Arcachon says that his account was hacked during the weekend of August 7 to 8. In all, more than 46 false certificates were issued through his account, without his consent. Since then, Health Insurance recommends that healthcare professionals “not respond to an authentication request on (their) smartphone without having previously verified who is at the origin”.

Same request for carers responsible for vaccination, asks the health agency. “We trust the vast majority of people involved in the vaccination

, in particular to health professionals who respect ethical rules. However, it is up to them not to give access to their account, without verification “, insisted the Health Insurance, near LCI. >> To read also – Grenoble: it established false certificates against remuneration

Because some admit it professional accounts may circulate in an emergency. “In the centers, when there are few doctors and a lot of staff, we are obliged to share our codes in certain cases. Some colleagues have therefore sometimes been able to be reckless,” explained Arnaud Gaunelle, doctor in Lormont (Gironde ) and departmental representative of the MG France union, from France Bleu.

Before adding: “The other point is that we sometimes have older colleagues who are called in as reinforcements and who do not fully master the digital tool and who have been able to have their identifiers stolen by trickery “. With the first steps of the health pass, many frauds appeared, in particular through the trade of false certificates vaccination. Still according to LCI, 19 judicial requisitions currently ask the Health Insurance to lift the veil on secrecy medical, in order to judge these fraud reports. Indeed, healthcare professionals have actually been discovered as stakeholders in certificate trafficking, without identity theft this time. Receive our latest news Employment, management, rights, every week your career news 1425379109081915394.