Health pass: towards aid to companies for the additional costs associated with controls?

UNSPLASH Monday, August 9, the health pass was extended to establishments open to the public, regardless of the number of people. Restaurants, bars, museums, hospitals … all will have to check the QR codes of the French. And while many are already complaining about the overtime they will be charged, it is also the cost that grieves them. According to Les Echos

, the Ministry of the Economy explains that it does not have precise figures on the issue. Especially since certain sectors should be less affected than others. According to Bercy for example, for small restaurants, there should be no additional costs: “These are small structures, employees can control”, slips do we at Les Echos. For these professionals, all they have to do is use the TousAntiCovid Verif application, which allows you to flash the QR Code, we point out. But not so simple for the Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CPME) for which professionals should be more affected than others like restaurants or bars with large terraces. For the CPME, “it will have to reorganize its activity”, and there would therefore be additional costs. >> To read also – Business aid: Bercy will review with restaurant owners on 019 August

Terminals to scan the codes Same story on the side of the Hospital Federation of France. According to her, with the introduction of the health pass, guards will have to be hired on her 4. sites, report Les Echos. This generated an additional annual cost of 41 millions of euros. On the Bercy side, an inventory will be made at the end of August, as Alain Griset had announced on Monday, August 9. The president of the CPME already warns: “If there is an increase in costs because of the controls, we will ask the government for help.”

Kiosks capable of scanning QR codes have already existed since June, created by specialized companies. As detailed in Les Echos, the Paris Saint-Germain club has already invested in 90 copies of this kind, which represents a cost for the club. But for Bercy, no question of help in this case since it is a “choice of the organizers”. The ministry recalls that they already have security guards to “control the places.” Receive our latest news Every morning, the information to remember about financial markets.