The end of a puzzle for French people living abroad? Sunday, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, announced the establishment of a system that will allow French expatriates to obtain the health pass . In the columns of Journal du Dimanch e , Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne asserts that the people vaccinated abroad – with a vaccine approved by the EU – will be able to receive the precious sesame “from this week”.

“To receive a QR code, it will suffice to send a proof of vaccination (for vaccines approved by the European Union or their equivalents), with a document identity and proof of residence abroad “, details the minister in the weekly. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne specifies that dedicated email addresses will be set up depending on the country of residence. “It will be very simple,” he promises. The Secretary of State for Tourism indicates that “the health pass has been extended to all vaccines assimilated to those recognized by the European Medicines Agency”. Only four vaccines received the green light from Brussels: Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Janssen. By way of comparison, the World Health Organization (WHO) has authorized many more, including the Chinese vaccines Sinopharm and Sinovac.

But what about French people vaccinated abroad with a vaccine not approved by the European Union? The latter are asked to take their troubles patiently. “We asked the scientific experts to assess the conditions under which they could be supplemented by a vaccination with messenger RNA in France”, replies Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. Thus, French expatriates who have received an injection of the Chinese or Russian vaccine – Sinopharm / Sinovac or Sputnik respectively – cannot yet claim to obtain a health pass. And some are going through an ordeal. In Le Parisien , they testify to a complicated process for return to France: “As it is, I would have to undergo ten days or so and then do PCR tests every the two days to have a valid health pass “, explains a Frenchman currently in Russia and vaccinated with Sputnik.

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The health pass, “the first tool to fight against the epidemic” If the secretary State hopes to facilitate the acquisition of the health pass, it is also to revive summer tourism. The government’s objective: to welcome 40 millions of foreign tourists, against 31 millions last year, and 276 millions in 2019. Because in addition to local tourists, a local European clientele has made a big comeback: Germans, Dutch, Belgians …

In order to fill the order books, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne is counting on the extension of the sanitary pass – in force on August 9 in the sector of the hotel industry. “The health pass is the first tool to fight the epidemic. Its principle is precisely to avoid traditional braking measures. However, the virus is the permanent unexpected and we will continue to manage territorialized response, “he added. While the extension of the precious sesame has provoked protest movements in the country – the minister defends its use. “We cannot selfishly endanger the lives of others. The facts are stubborn: the vaccine works. It works against the virus and against confinement. Basically, the” anti-pass “project is is the society of the curtain down and the door closed.

Currently, 52% of French people benefit from a complete vaccination schedule . And the Secretary of State to stress that the President of the Republic wanted a vaccination campaign to be deployed for French people living in countries where access to the vaccine is still complicated. “We have already sent and administered the vaccine. to several tens of thousands of people distributed in 52 countries, under the control of our embassies and consulates. Obviously, we are providing assistance to the countries concerned at the same time. As part of Covax , France has undertaken to provide 57 millions of doses by the end of the year, “he said.