Fitness trainer Tammy Hembrow probably has one of the most famous hips on Instagram and is now revealing all her fitness secrets.

Tammy Hembrow, a fitness trainer, 26, who has 11.6 million followers on Instagram, said that her workout practice has been seen at 94 percent since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March.

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Tammy, who became famous by sharing her postpartum workouts, shared some tips on how to get the famous twists.

Fitness trainer Tammy Hembrow


According to Tammy, if you want to “grow your hips”, you need a calorie surplus to gain muscle.

He had previously told Cosmopolitan: ‘I think people see my photos and think it might have happened overnight. This was not a fast process.
I work really hard in the gym. I’m usually covered in sweat, ‘he says.

Tammy recommends that the calories come from lean protein (fish, chicken, beans, etc.) complex carbohydrates (chickpeas, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, etc.) and green leafy vegetables.

Saying that what you eat is “an important part of the equation,” the trainer previously said on his podcast that he never skipped meals: ‘Make sure you have a good dinner, make sure you have a nutritious dinner. This will fill you up and stop you from wanting other foods. ‘


Tammy said that using body weight alone can achieve great results, even if you don’t have equipment.

He also recommends hip bands that are great for “stimulating your glutes”: ‘Focus on your hips about three times a week and then add other exercises for different areas such as the upper body or abdominal muscles. It’s good to give your booty some rest to allow the muscle to heal and grow. Forcing yourself with your weights will also create curves. You have to lift as heavy as you can. ‘ Speaking on his podcast, Tammy said people should mix this up and not focus only on one part of the body.


Make sure you eat enough, train weights, and stay consistent by saying “consistency is key,” Tammy says. He said patience and being consistent is the biggest key to remember.

Tammy has previously given her fans some hip motivation while sharing her transformation on Instagram and showed what her hip is like today in 2017.