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He declared about the EU membership of the Baltic state of Ukraine

According to the Latvian Prime Minister the reforms necessary for accession must be carried out by Kyiv anywaythey are making effective progress, and the EU must provide constant assistance in this process.

Karins said: everyone is looking forward to the spring offensive in Ukraine, but regardless of how the liberation of the Ukrainian territories turns out, the EU must provide unwavering and long-term support to the Ukrainian forces. He also emphasized that The reconstruction of Ukraine must be financed largely from Russian sources. He also emphasized that the EU sanctions system against Russia is an extremely important part of the efforts to support Ukraine.

The focus now is on avoiding sanctions evasion to the point where it becomes impossible in Europe

– drew attention to Krisjanis Karins.

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, pointed out in her statement that the Russian aggression against Ukraine threatens European values.

“Our economy is shaped by inflation and high energy prices, climate change imposes additional burdens on our society. Our Union therefore faces many challenges as we look towards the end of the parliamentary mandate, and this imposes a great legislative responsibility on us,” he declared. He added that the hope of coping with challenges lies in European unity, which is stronger now than ever.

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