He cheated on me with another man – RB

He cheated on me with another man – RB

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He cheated on me with another man – RB

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He cheated on me with another man – RB

Eight years of marriage, two beautiful twin daughters. A large house in a more than decent neighborhood. A handsome, caring, loving husband who treats me like a queen and adores his little girls. A man who allowed me to leave my job safe but I did not like, to devote myself to my passions, which gratify me but economically make little. Thanks to his work, he does not miss anything: holidays, weekends, extras. So what’s wrong? I discover before Christmas that, during his business trips, he is seeing someone else. Not a woman, but a man. The world collapses on me. What do I do, take the girls and drop everything? He tells me he loves us more than his life, but he can’t suppress part of his nature. I don’t understand anything anymore. Julie

Betrayal is said to be the effect and not the cause of a crisis, personal or of couple. Let’s start from here to retrace the experience of the friend who discovers that her husband is seeing a man. How do you find out? He doesn’t tell us, but it doesn’t matter. Evidently the “traitor” made sure to leave some unmistakable trace. Whether he did it on purpose or unconsciously, it is as if he wanted to be discovered, perhaps because he could no longer play the part of the perfect husband. And he won’t take it anymore.

The blow received after learning that the partner has cheated on us is already unsettling. But knowing that a man prefers us is shocking. ” All this time together and I didn’t understand anything? We made love, we grew up our daughters, we laughed at the same things and then he went with another? “. Resentment and bewilderment lead us to detest that unfaithful, lying and irresponsible partner, beyond what exemplary has been shown so far.

Yet it is not easy to bring to light what one truly is in a society that has condemned diversity for millennia, even if great strides have been made. Sometimes a man chooses to hide his homosexuality (but also bisexuality) rather than send to air marriage, “respectable” life, family approval, the idea that others have made of him.

Who to contact (immediately)

The questions we ask ourselves are endless, the faults we self-accuse, the desperate scenarios we imagine. But let’s not rush . Before making a decision it is advisable to contact a lawyer , who will suggest the most useful actions to accomplish. And if what happened is too heavy for us we can resort to a psychotherapist to help us restore confidence in ourselves and find the right course.

The only thing not to do is to confide in too many people: it takes a moment because who does not understand the pain we are going through you trigger the fuse of evil gossip . But we need a network of affective protection that comforts and reassures us: a mother, a sister, a very trusted friend.

Let’s try to find a fixed point that gives us clarity : in the case of our reader, the ” lighthouse in the night ”are his little girls. His strength will be their strength, his smile will be their smile. To better manage the situation we must first of all think about the good of the children, if there are any, but also of ourselves, with a good dose of healthy selfishness .

Beware of negative emotions

As painful as the impact with the second life of a man who had managed perfectly to hide it was, let’s not to give in to anger, to grudge, to the desire to make him pay (in a metaphorical sense; if he has to pay, the lawyer will take care of it). We will come out with broken bones, because destructive emotions are exhausting for those who feel them .

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If he cheated on us with a girl, would we have felt better? Maybe yes, because with another woman the comparison is on the same level. But in the end it is always a question of betrayal – or rather the breaking of the pact, of the damage to feelings . This is what we have to face. Also talking to the partner who showed himself for what he is, certainly not without suffering and anguish.

Of course, it is up to us to decide whether to proceed for the separation or to accept the compromise to stay together despite everything. But the top priority must be our own and our children’s good, avoiding painful conflicts. And that is why we have to make the right choice , even if it is very difficult. ” When everything seems to go wrong – said the American businessman Henry Ford – remember that the planes take off against the wind, not with the wind in their favor ”. The wind that appears against us will give us the strength to get up “in flight” and start over to live.