A person in Tekirdağ stabbed the woman to death when her request for a discount was rejected at the doner kebab shop she entered. The murder moments were reflected on the security cameras.

He asked for a discount, Opposed and Killed with a Knife

The incident took place at around 18.30 in a doner shop on Halide Edip Adıvar Street in the Bahçelievler District of Kapaklı. According to the allegations, Recep Ö. (36), who entered the workplace, requested a discount from the owner Kader B. Recep Ö., Whose request for discount was rejected, got angry and attacked Kader B. with the knife he carried with him.

Kader B., who struggled with the assailant for a while, was seriously injured with knife blows on his body. Noticing the attack, the people around rushed to the workplace and took the knife in Recep Ö. 112 Emergency Service teams, who came to the scene upon the notice, took the seriously injured Kader B. to Çerkezköy State Hospital by ambulance. 39-year-old Kader B. passed away despite all the interventions of the doctors.

On the other hand, the police teams who came to the scene, the attacker Recep Ö. detained the attacker named. It was learned that the suspect’s security procedures are continuing.