Have you had any leftover New Year's Eve grapes? So you can take advantage of them in the kitchen (and start eating lighter and healthier)

Have you had any leftover grapes from New Year’s Eve? So you can take advantage of them in the kitchen (and start eating lighter and healthier)

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Are there any leftover grapes from New Year’s Eve? So you can take advantage of them in the kitchen (and start eating lighter and healthier)

Have you had any leftover grapes from New Year’s Eve? So you can take advantage of them in the kitchen (and start eating lighter and healthier) We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Have you had any leftover New Year’s Eve grapes? So you can take advantage of them in the kitchen (and start eating lighter and healthier) Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Have you had any leftover grapes from New Year’s Eve? So you can take advantage of them in the kitchen (and start eating lighter and healthier)

With the hangover , real or metaphorical, of a completely atypical New Year’s Eve, there will be many households They wake up with some chaos in the kitchen. The almost inevitable leftovers are perfect for improvising a lazy brunch or snack dinner at home, But there is a product that, after capturing the attention of almost the entire country a few hours ago, may today be forgotten. If you have grapes left over after the chimes, give them another life in your table taking advantage, incidentally, to start fulfilling the purposes of eating lighter and healthier.

With the exception of the queen of New Year’s Eve, the grape aledo de Vinalopó , actually the grape is not a product that is in season at the end of December. However, grapes are imported from other countries -Mostly Americans- who keep it present in our greengrocers twelve months of the year.

Whatever grape has arrived at your table to accompany the chimes, if you have opted to buy it in clusters instead of the commodities -but very expensive- individual packages, you may find surplus of this fruit , condemned to pass away, relegated to oblivion in the fruit bowl or the bottom of the fridge , after his brief moments of glory.

For those less fond of its flavor or for those who devour the grains with gusto to the rhythm of the chimes, we propose different ways to take advantage of them at the beginning of the year, let’s see if we can extend a little more the good luck that they supposedly bring. Eating them natural is the best option, but you don’t always get tasty grapes on your own; luckily, they offer great versatility.

In a snack or cheese board

If you gather all the portions, packages and half-spent pieces of the cheeses and some cold cuts that you took out at dinner last night, you can surely solve the New Years lunch or dinner, especially if you do not feel like eating anything more filling or getting mixed up in cookers. Or maybe can already fix your weekend aperitif , that we have it at the gates.

In any case, fresh grapes are an excellent addition to pair and complete these products, the tasting of which is appreciated by a bite refreshing, hydrating and with a more acidic point while remaining sweet. Grapes and cheese taste like a kiss, and in this case the saying is not misleading.

When the leftovers do not give much, you can mount skewers or skewers with cubes of cheese, grapes and, for example, some pickles, or some piece of good leftover sausage . The advantage of grapes is that they harmonize well both with the most cured cheeses and with fresher varieties, which are also lighter . So, when you don’t have leftovers to spend, leave the fattiest dairy and cold cuts for a while and pair the fruit with fresh or Burgos-type cheeses.

Light salads

Moving on to less caloric and forceful ideas, salads will begin to shine again on the menus once the Christmas holidays are over. Although we do not renounce them in the party menus, they are the most comfortable way to prepare light and healthy lunches and dinners , to regain normality in our diet a little and make cooking less complicated.

The grape will add a fucking fresh, tasty, crunchy and juicy to any salad that we want, although we recommend combining it with a base of green leaves that is not the typical lettuce and adding an element that is also crunchy and more bitter, as in this recipe for lamb’s lettuce, grapes and radishes .

The fresh fennel pairs wonderfully with grapes, as well as apple and pear, so we can enrich our salad with these fruits too, especially if we haven’t eaten everything that would have been recommended during the holidays. Candied does not count.

Macedonian with and without yogurt

Breakfast, dessert or snack; nothing more appetizing and healthy than combining a good variety of natural fruit to refresh the stomach and sweeten the day in a very natural and light way.

Now that citrus fruits are in season, it is the best time to take advantage of oranges how much packaging contribute to home-made Macedonians , adding the grapes that we have left over together with those mentioned in the previous section, as well as others to taste: berries, persimmon, kiwi, or tropical fruits such as mango and papaya, which pair especially well with Grapes.

With a base of natural yogurt we will have a more complete and satisfying dish We can even add nuts or seeds if we need an extra supply of energy and nutrients.

Smoothies, juices and smoothies

The whole fruit is always more recommended , but a good homemade juice or, better yet, a smoothie without straining, are good options to take from time to time at home. It is a fruit very rich in water especially suitable for smoothies, but if it is crushed well, the skin will give more consistency, texture and, above all, many nutrients and fiber to the shakes.

Solo combining grapes and apples you get a delicious juice, but we can also prepare a more satisfying adding banana and milk , which can be transformed into a smoothie or its bowl thickening it with Greek yogurt.

With baked vegetables and vegetarian dishes

If preparing any vegetable in the oven is already a great idea, adding a few grapes to the dish, or roasting them separately to combine them, can elevate the result even more. Whole grains, with a dressing such as good extra virgin olive oil, a little soy sauce, mustard, vinegar or some honey, and herbs and spices, will caramelize in their own sugars , intensifying their flavor.

Another good method to take advantage of them in vegetarian dishes is simply add them to the pan, grill or wok where we are sautéing vegetables and greens. Here we can add the whole grains or cut in half, and play with the doneness depending on whether we are looking for a crisp and fresh touch, or more sweet and tender. They are perfect to also combine with stir-fry and rice salads, couscous, quinoa or any other cereal or grain , also with legumes.

We especially recommend combining them with vegetables that have a slightly more flavor bitter, earthy and / or aniseed ; the cabbage family and root vegetables are good options, such as Brussels sprouts or parsnip, fennel or endives. Other vegetarian dishes that support grapes, and perfect for these days of culinary laziness, are fake pizzas, such as this eggplant with cheese and black garlic honey .

Enriching the roasts

Of course, they also work wonders with roast meats. Not in vain we have already used them in recipes of the king of this preparation, the baked chicken . It looks great whether we roast it with potatoes, caramelized onion and red wine , as if we chose to combine it with some mushrooms or other mushrooms .

Instead of adding them to the source itself surrounding the chicken pieces, a rich alternative is to use them as part of the filling of the whole bird, combined with other fresh fruits or mushrooms, garlic or chives, nuts, or aromatic herbs. With regard to the latter, we advise betting, in case of doubt, on thyme, since it is an herb that makes a delicious pair with fruit, as well demonstrated by this other recipe for roast chicken with grapes .

Sauces and garnishes with grapes

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little in the kitchen. You can check this by adding some chopped or whole grapes to your preparations of favorite meats in sauce , beyond roast poultry. Its refreshing and sweet taste, with that little acid, will create a wonderful contrast in recipes with beef, pork, rabbit or game.

For example, in this recipe of veal chops in grape sauce with its creamy dairy, or in this other of rolls of pork loin and ham with shallots sauce and grapes. And it’s no wonder they work great in wine sauces, as with these sirloins . As in all the examples in this list, it does not matter if we use white or black grapes.

Jam and other preserves

In the event that you have taken advantage of a special offer, or have miscalculated the amount of grapes for New Year’s Eve, you may have several leftover bunches at home. In that case, nothing better than investing them in prepare jam or compote , or a jelly if the grape has seeds , straining the juices well once cooked with the sugar.

The normal thing will be not to have so much fruit as to complicate packaging a lot; in that case a good option is combine the grape with other fruits (such as apple or quince, taking advantage of its pectin, and berries) or make a small amount that we will not have to sterilize, to consume and keep it in the fridge. If you really have very few grains to spare, you can use them in a chutney .

Substituting (or accompanying) the raisins

This resource does not have much mystery, it is something as simple as using natural fruit in recipes in which we would normally use raisins . They won’t always work – in these cookies , for example, would not be a good idea-, but in savory dishes we rarely screw up.

Expanding the spectrum, we can incorporate them into any elaboration that includes some variety of dried fruit or desiccated, replacing or combining them with them , to enrich with new flavors and textures. It is also a way to lighten the plate, since we already know that these dried fruits concentrate a greater amount of sugars and fiber.

A whim for chocolatiers

For these first days of the year in which we look at the diet or the return to the routine ever closer, we can use some whim less caloric sweet to say goodbye to Christmas excesses. Natural fruit -or chickpeas- bathed in dark chocolate is a relatively healthy resource, always within reasonable moderation.

As we would do with the classic strawberries, we only have to melt a good dark chocolate in the water bath or in the microwave, with the highest percentage of cocoa that we can tolerate -we have to dare with the most intense ones to lower our sweetness threshold-, and bathe the washed grape grains , leaving them to dry on non-stick paper .

Then we just have to keep them in a cool place or keep them in the fridge. When we miss the piece of nougat or the polvorón with which we used to accompany our coffee, we just have to enjoy the explosion of flavor which involves chewing a whole grape grain covered in chocolate.

The Christmas finale: decorating the roscón de Kings

The eve and the Kings Day will be the ones that put the end definitive to the Christmas holidays, and surely many already you make your own roscón or one of its variants. If you belong to the group of those who hate candied fruit -that we never tire of claiming -, take advantage of to decorate it with fresh fruits and add your leftover grapes along with fresh orange slices or apple pieces.

And before closing this series of simple ideas, we cannot forget the exquisiteness of some crumbs in the Manchecho or Murcian style with their fresh grapes. They will not be very light, but if we prepare them without sausages and eat them in measured portions, they will brighten up the coldest days of winter.

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