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Használtautó.hu and Jófogas have acquired new owners

Following the purchase of Adevinta Classified Media Hungary, the Használtautó.hu and Jófogás market places will continue their operations within the Zrt. group of companies.

After the closing of the transaction, Zrt will create a group of companies operating with two control centers: Használtautó.hu and Autónavigá will operate under the direction of József Keleti, the CEO of, in one of them. Balázs Várkonyi and Gyula Kelemen, the founders of Extreme Digital, will continue to manage the development and expansion of marketplaces, which were spun off from the Jófogás and eMAG group of companies this summer.

The goal of the new Hungarian owners is to compete with global players with domestic gray stock. For the acquisition of Adevinta’s Hungarian subsidiary, the acquiring parties also used the state-supported, favorable interest rate loan of the Gábor Baross Újraiparosísácii Hitelprogram.

Cover image source: Getty Images