Popular social media app Instagram faces charges of unauthorized data collection. Here are the details…

Social media platforms continue to be the subject of various studies on personal data privacy. In this context, social networks, which come up with various violations from time to time, do not seem to give up their aggressive attitude towards user data, which is of great importance. Behind the latest development in this context is Instagram, which has not been in the public eye on the ‘data sensitivity’ side for a long time.

According to the allegations made, Instagram collects biometric data of its users without permission. Moreover, the issue has already moved to the judiciary. It is stated that in the lawsuit filed with Instagram, data belonging to more than 100 million users were collected.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, was warned earlier this year about collecting users’ data. However, according to the lawsuit filed, Instagram’s unauthorized data collection began before 2020. According to the outcome of the lawsuit, Instagram can pay up to a thousand dollars per person for each violation. It is said that this payment can go up to $ 5,000 in the event of a “careless or deliberate” breach of the company’s data. Facebook, which owns Instagram, did not make a statement on the subject.

If Instagram’s data breach has been done intentionally and is detected in court, the trust of Instagram users may be damaged.
The fate of the case opened to Instagram is wondering.

We will continue to convey developments on the subject…