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Harry Potter hairstyle – The Most Inspiring Hairstyles from the Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter hairstyle – The Most Inspiring Hairstyles from the Harry Potter Series! With Pottermore , let’s take a look at the exterior of the characters and take a look at Hogwarts’ student and teacher.

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While the characters in the world of wizards and witches boast of their unique style, you can also guess what types they look like from any person’s appearance. As an example, consider the great leader Percy Weasley ; With its neat and clean shaving, you can also understand how loyal you are, as you stand out from your other brothers, maybe a little too loyal. Or his boss, the evil and pretty Bartemius Crouch , can easily distinguish it from everyone around him unnaturally.

While Minerva McGonagall ‘s very tightly made knob is made not to give way to an uncontrolled movement just like herself, Kendra Dumbledore ‘s style draws a reliable image showing that the suffering is not wasted.

On the other hand, if there is someone who pays less attention to his style, this may be due to the area he works for. Professor Pomona Sprout ‘s hair away from regular combing is a bit of a flirty and comfortable style, just like in the greenhouses where it often resides.

PomonaSprout Greenhouse

Similarly, it cannot be said that Hagrid , who devotes much of his life to the care of magic creatures, spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. We saw that Hagrid was trying to recover and recover a bit during Madam Maxime’s visit, and even that situation could not be said to be very good.

While Nymphadora Tonks takes advantage of being able to change her appearance in a second, she often wants to show her colorful personality and how tight an Auror he prefers fluffy and gum colored hair.

nymphadora tonks

Sometimes there may be situations where hair gives less hint of character. Think of Dolores Umbridge and put your hair in front of you. A model that is firmly attached and almost does not move, is this what we call the 90s?

Rita Skeeter ‘s glorious and always tidy curls seem to give a hint as to how faithful she wants to stay. Also , even if the golden waves in Gilderoy Lockhart ‘s hair brought him legions of fans, perhaps it would be good for him to reconsider his priorities considering his evil destiny. After all, we are talking about someone whose secret ambition is to “save the world from evil and market their own hair care potions”.

lockhart ve harry potter

So, hair that seems to be of little interest? A neglected and self-ignored hair can sometimes be a sign of deeper problems. Moaning Myrtle ‘s neatly tied and shedding hair does not hide her pain. Likewise , the hair of Severus Snape that has greased and descends like a curtain on his face is an indicator of his grief and isolated life.

Can there be anything more beautiful than elegance and vitality hair to describe youth, beauty and life? Could it have looked so impressive if Fleur Delacour had no silvery-blonde hair? Hermione Granger knows the importance of special times, no matter how much her mind is in her lessons. Hermione, who instantly changed her appearance and hair, managed to collect all eyes on the New Year’s Ball. Love it or not, but wealth, status and style flow from Malfoy ‘s extremely well-cut blond hair.

malfoy viktor

If we look at the Potter family; equally rebellious, Harry and James were not only against school rules, but against having uniform hair. While they both had a hairstyle that came out of bed, they did not have much with a comb.

On the other hand, there were also characters with an impressive appearance without much hair. Like Kingsley Shacklebolt’s luminous style. Arthur Weasley’s style is a manifestation of a father who works extremely hard to raise all seven of his children. Of course, there is also a Person to Not Be Named in this team, which does not leave much to tell us .