HarmonyOS 2.0 will arrive in Europe from 2022: the Chinese firm has plans to expand its own operating system

HarmonyOS 2.0 will arrive in Europe from 2022: the Chinese firm has plans to expand its own operating system, HarmonyOS, the operating system that Huawei announced a few years ago as an alternative to Android and iOS, has not yet finished taking off outside of China. In Spain, for example, it has only arrived in a couple of watches and a tablet , but not a single smartphone. That, however, seems to be close to changing.

And it is that in a meeting with the media that has taken place in Romania , Derek Yu, president of Huawei CB for Central and Eastern Europe, has slipped that the company intends to introduce HarmonyOS in Europe starting from 2022 . From Engadget we have contacted Huawei to confirm the news and to know which devices it will reach and we will update as soon as we receive a response.

The following HarmonyOS ‘step is to leave China The meeting with the media took place on the occasion of the launch of Huawei Nova 9 . This device, remember, comes with EMUI on Android 10 , but not with HarmonyOS 2.0 . In China, however, is just the opposite . When asked why, Derek Yu stated the following:

“In June of this year we announced HarmonyOS 2.0, mainly for China, and we already have more than 100 millions of users who are happy with the operating system experience. When users switch from Android to HarmonyOS, the satisfaction level increases by 10%. For European users we will introduce HarmonyOS from next year (2022) “.

Thus, and sticking to the words of the executive, it seems that Huawei’s operating system will land on our borders shortly . In essence, and from what we have been able to test from Xataka, the experience offered by HarmonyOS is very similar to that offered by Android and EMUI.

In addition to being compatible with Android applications , HarmonyOS promises better terminal performance, better internal storage management and better storage management. battery, always according to Huawei. In China, there are already mobile phones that have been updated and the company’s plans are to update until the models of 2016 .

Back in June of 2021, Huawei Spain confirmed to Engadget that they were working on updating their devices to HarmonyOS, but without giving an estimated date. So far this has been nothing more than a declaration of intent , but Derek Yu’s words suggest a closer horizon.

Derek Yu has also confirmed the arrival of a new Mate and another folding one in 2022

On the other hand, Huawei has confirmed to the Romanian media that there will be a new Mate in 2022 (this should have been presented months ago) and that a new smartphone will be presented at the Mobile World Congress next year folding. Maybe it’s the “shell” type model that was leaked a few days ago , who knows.

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