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Handanovic is there, little Lautaro. Super Berisha, Belotti fight

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The match between Turin And Inter. At 12 ‘it is Bremer to open the dance, but the guests find a tie with Sanchez at 93 ‘.


Berisha 7: a portcullis. Parry everything that passes in front of him. A single thrill in the second half when a not perfect exit is almost exploited by the guests. He can’t do anything about the goal.
Djidji 6: Perisic and Lautaro often pass by here, he blocks them, even if he has to sweat the classic seven shirts. Then an injury puts him out of the way when the Inter pressure increases at the beginning of the second half. (From the 6th st Izzo 6.5: enters with the right head, even touches the goal. Polished in the most delicate phases)
Bremer 6.5: It can be seen in every area of ​​the exchange, attacking the ankles of the opponents in advance or with the head, but also in front. Two errors in the final, especially the one on Sanchez, which spoil an excellent performance.
Good morning 6.5: always precise and punctual, often it is he who unravels some hot ball. He comes out at a distance, despite the effort to manage the forwards of Inter makes himself heard. (From the 31 ‘st Rodriguez 5.5: in practice he remains blocked to control the gusts of the Inter players in the final, leaving only Dzeko to serve the assist for the draw in extremis)
Single 5.5: Lautaro often goes away, but even with Perisic it is not better. The right-hand chain of Toro is the one that suffers the most from Inter’s aggression and he is the weak link. (From the 31 ‘st Ansaldi 6: right impact, made of substance behind and quality in front)
Lukic 6.5: he tries to give a bit of dynamism in the middle of the field, he succeeds intermittently but still holds up the comparison, coming out of some “rough” situation with personality, which the home crowd likes. Well in the interdiction, less in creating dangerous situations. (From the 37 ‘st Ricci sv)
Mandrake 6: it is he who tries to give order to the game of Juric’s team, he does good things but sometimes too much enthusiasm does not give him the right clarity for the last step.
Vojvoda 6: right attitude, some plays send the audience of the Bull in raptures. He suffers more in the second half of the race but nevertheless without ever going into a doll.
Pobega 6.5: makes a shoulder but still manages to have excellent ideas on the opponent’s trocar. Some good intuitions, even in the final race, where the tension is palpable. A sign that slowly it is also growing in quality and quantity, as well as in personality. In the final he also deserves the goal and is not lucky.
Brekalo 6.5: he is often seen looking for the ball to take responsibility for finding the right twist for Belotti. Excellent personality and some good shots, like at the end of the match when he almost gives an assist to the kiss for Pobega. The boy is growing very well.
Belotti 6.5: Batons, Skriniar and Frog in rotation try to contain him with the bad, he elbowed and carves out some excellent opportunities that have no luck. He also sacrifices himself in the middle of the pitch, with his usual generosity that often takes away the clarity he needs under the door. (From the 37 ‘st Sanabria sv)
Annex Juric 6.5: the usual game of racing and determination. The coach has finally made Torino a team that knows how to fight and suffer. He deserved the victory and in the final he threw the match away due to his mistake. Pity.


HANDANOVIC 7 Ready, go and immediately a thrill with Belotti, on the outside of the net. Bremer’s goal arrives without fault. He avoids the 2-0 one minute later, intercepting a Gallo missile. Then, in the 2nd half, a miracle on Izzo.

SKRINIAR 6 He meets with Brekalo, occasionally with Belotti, conceding the minimum. In marking he is the safest in the 3 behind.

FROG 5 With the Rooster life is immediately very hard. Two occasions kindly granted in a quarter of an hour, the grace of Guida on a penalty intervention at the end of the first half. Shock return.

STICKS 5.5 Pobega does not give him points of reference and suffers from it. Try to help in setting up, but with little construct. (1 ‘st Dimarco 6.5: immediately a near assist and a near goal)

DARMIAN 5 Crushed by Vojvoda’s constant thrust. It stays low, it doesn’t match.

STRETCHER 5 It’s the coolest, you can’t see it. In Liverpool he was not there, at the Grande Torino in the field, but not reached or almost.

VECINO 5.5 Inside surprisingly as deputy Brozovic. As a director postponed, better in insertion and at the cross. (23 ‘st Vidal 6: close to draw)

CALHANOGLU 6 He’s the only one who puts some quality into it. From placed is always a factor, also useful in interdiction. (31 ‘st Correa ng)

PERISIC 5.5 After Alexander-Arnold, Singo, another sprinter, and pays the price. Few offensive projections, behind almost always in apnea and too soft with Pobega on Bremer’s 1-0. (1 ‘st Gosens 6: a rescue on Brekalo)

DZEKO 5 An accident phoned, an almost sure shot gored, sent guilty to the side without opposition. Another in closing, even simpler and wasted. Half a point more for the 1-1 assist.

LAUTARO 5 In an hour and a half of game only a header, with Berisha’s miracle, but too little. (23 ‘st Sanchez 6.5: save Inter in full recovery)

INZAGHI 6Take everything from me, but not Epic-Brozo. Without the Croatian, an endless struggle with Toro, pierced only in full recovery for the 1-1. Third at 1 point from Napoli, 4 from leaders Milan. But without the comfort of virtual supremacy.

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