Hairstyles with bows: So we can show them off in our hair and succeed according to the experts -!

Hair accessories are something of the most helpful if what we want is to give a completely different air to our hairstyle without much effort. Therefore, a great idea to add to our manes are the ties that are not only elegant and precious, but are also one of the strong trends of the season.

Thus, we have listened to several experts, among them José Miguel Gallardo, director of the TeaCut Hairdressing salon in Seville, who has given us some advice on how to wear a bow . And it is that, in his own words “if you soon have to attend a ceremony or any party you cannot forget to dust off your old ties, because they are the newest. Satin, velvet, taffeta. Wide , narrow, rigid or volatile. The bows provide a touch of sophistication and carefree at the same time, perfect for the new hairstyles that we will see this season. ”

In the same way, Rafael Bueno by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros from Malaga assures that those collected with this accessory are easy to do, but with an elegant and sophisticated result: “Ties easily dress us especially in autumn when we resort to fabrics such as velvet, doilies … in shades like black, maroon or navy blue. And the perfect updos are pigtails, braids and even some improvised bow. ”

Thus, as the first hairstyle that TeaCut offers us, we have to place a bow in a semi-collected or or, why not, in a high ponytail.

One way to take advantage of your hair with the use of a bow is by holding a ponytail. Dry the natural hair. Make a partition that goes from the recession of the temples to the crown and secure it at that point with a loop. You can let the ponytail fall over the rest of the mane or braid it. Both options are perfect if the hair is very long. Currently it is not difficult to find girls who add a bow in their hair to their look as a complement. If you wake up wanting to “go back to school”, a high ponytail with a bow will give you a good girl look 100% Although, we will also tell you that in a low ponytail the ties are succeeding a lot and we find inspiration wherever we look. According to José Miguel Gallardo .. .

In the pigtails we can make a simple but very elegant and current tail to the height that you like the most and with a more natural or more polished finish, with a bow or simply covering the elastic with a lock of hair. Easy and young. Of course, they also raised the idea of ​​ adding it as a simple ornament: “A more casual option, and also more sensual, is to use the bow as an independent ornament. Comb your short hair in the usual way, always looking for its natural movement. Create a bow, holding it with the thread and a hairpin. Place it in the area of ​​the part, a couple of fingers around the contour. You can use velvet, satin or silk, and the bow should not be too big ” all of this, according to José Miguel.

What is clear is that, we choose the style that best suits us, a bow is a great idea to give another aspect to our look and, now that we have Christmas close, it is a fabulous option for our hairstyles.

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