Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Hairstyles for Greasy Hair Tips that work

Choosing a hairstyle for those with oily hair is a very delicate matter. We can guess how much effort he put into hiding glowing hair roots and greasy hairThe hair of those who have oily hair strands can get oily very quickly. Even if you wash your scalp constantly, if it shines during the day, we will understand you best! 

We will recommend you great hairstyles to hide greasy hair strands ! By choosing these hairstyles, you can hide the shine on your hair from your friends for a while. Those who are looking for answers to questions such as what to do for oily hair, how to camouflage oily hair are invited to the rest of the article!

What should you do to style your oily hair?

Hairstyles for Oily Hair

Oops! There’s an urgent invitation tonight or you have to catch a last minute date and your hair is so oily!

Tight bun KNOB model

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 4

The tight bun is one of the savior hairstyles for greasy hair. You  can also hide your greasy hair roots by making your hair a  high ballerina KNOB. This hairstyle can be applied both daily and at night. You can wear a colored bandana around your bun to make your bun more colorful.

Boxer braids

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 7

The double braid called boxer braid is one of the most stylish and practical hairstyles for oily hair. If you are looking for a solution for oily hair, you should choose hairstyles that hide hair like this style, herringbone braid. If you wish, you can save time by making half knitting. After all, it is only important to hide the scalp! 

If dandruff starts to form in your oily hair, and even if these dandruff is oily and sticks to your hair strands, you should start to take action immediately.

Use a bandana, hair scarf

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 8

The easiest way to hide the shine on the scalp is to use a bandana. You can hide your greasy hair by tying the summer bandanna to your hair in different ways . When choosing a bandana, you can prioritize hair color to contrasting colors. With different bandana tying styles, you will look cool and hide your greasy hair roots.

Tight KNOB at the nape

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 9

You can also make a hair bun at the nape of the neck, one of the most practical styles among hairstyles for oily hair. Before making this hairstyle, you should comb your hair back and fix it with hair spray after you have made the hairstyle. If you choose matte finish hairspray, you will balance the look of shiny hair roots.

Try wearing a crown!

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 10

This is the year of crown hair accessories! If you like to try flashy hair accessories, you can choose large crowns with pearls. Let the rest of your hair loose or tidy it up. The choice is yours! 

Bonus tip: It  would be a very practical and effective solution to make a wavy hairstyle with styling mousse to hide oily hair.


Hide the roots

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 11

If you have oily hair, you should always be prepared. Although your hair shines during the day, you should carry a large hat or colored hair accessory in your bag  As soon as your hair shines, you can quickly put on your accessories to hide the roots.

Tight ponytail model

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 12

If you are looking for a cool hairstyle, you can choose a tight and taut ponytail hairstyle. When you first gather the upper part of your hair at the top and then add the remaining hair to this ponytail, your ponytail does not fall off all day long and looks more voluminous.

You can braid from the side to style your oily hair in different styles. When braiding from the side, you should not pull out thin strands of hair from the front so that the roots do not stand out. You should knit the hair roots tightly and leave the ends of the braid loose.

Put on a hat!

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 13

If it is a little difficult for you to style your oily hair in different styles, all you have to do is wear a hat! Painter hats, especially slightly worn on the side, are both very fashionable and stylish! To prevent the hat from slipping, you can fix it in your hair with wire clips. That’s it!

Crown braid

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 14

One of the hairstyles that hide the hair roots as much as possible is the crown braids! While creating double knits, you can knit either in a fishbone or a classic 3-knit. Then combine and fix these braids on your hair and you’re ready!

Half braid

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 15

 You can choose messy looking hairstyles to hide your greasy hair. Perfect hairstyles that seem too structured can reveal the dullness of their hair. Of course, one of the messy and full-looking hairstyles is braids! You can braid your hair in a half braid model, leaving your underlying hair open to make it look natural. Somehow, only the roots of your hair look greasy, so you can free the ends of your hair!

Scarf KNOB

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 16

One of the most practical ways to hide your oily hair is hair scarves. You can remove the dull and greasy look on the scalp by using colorful scarves in summer. If you wish, you can get a stylish look by wrapping the scarf around your bun.

Voluminous Ponytail

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 17

You shouldn’t forget the crepe technique to give your dull-looking hair a fuller look. You can crEpe the top of your hair before making a ponytail. To make your ponytail look plump, you can add a natural volume to your hair by panning the tail section after collecting your hair. 

Half Ponytail

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 18

We can imagine how much she missed a fresh feeling in her hair. For a hairstyle that will make your oily hair look a little more fresh and lively, you should take a look at the half ponytail models. Since the front parts of our hair are oiled first, take the greasy parts in the front and bring them back. Then you can show it more dynamic by dividing this part into knuckles with elastic buckles.

Voluminous KNOB

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 19

When preparing for a special night out, the biggest question on your mind is: What if my hair gets oily right away? You can make your invitation hair look more beautiful by choosing hairstyles in which your hair will not look greasy or dull. Messy bun hair is one of the most voluminous hairstyles. When you are doing your hair, you should prefer the fuller and messy hair bun than usual. Although it may seem a little too plump at first glance, you’ll thank us at the end of the night.

Wavy hair

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 20

Light hair is almost a dream for hair that greases quicklY.. Hair that greases quickly and looks dull afterwards can upset our self-confidence during the day. When you want to use your hair open, you should definitely choose  messy wavy hair models. We recommend that you use plenty of dry shampoo on the scalp and fix the hairstyle with a non-aggravating hair spray. 


Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 21

Here is a hairstyle suitable for fine, oily hair! Gather all of your hair at the top, give it a bun look, and secure it with a rubber clip. You can hide your heavy hair easily with this bun model.

Knotty hairstyle

Hairstyles for Oily Hair - 22

How would you like to try the knotty hairstyle that will hide your oily hair and offer a fun look at the same time? For a knotty hairstyle, gather your hair from the roots with elastics. You can make your hair look fuller by widening between your elastics.