Green Pass: what changes for hairdressers and beauticians – RB

Green Pass: what changes for hairdressers and beauticians – RB

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Green Pass: what changes for hairdressers and beauticians – RB

Green Pass: what changes for hairdressers and beauticians – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Green Pass: what changes for hairdressers and beauticians – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Green Pass: what changes for hairdressers and beauticians – RB

Vip vaccinati contro il Covid-19: dalla Canalis alla Lollobrigida Vip vaccinated against Covid – 19: from Canalis to Lollobrigida The diffusion in the country of the variant Omicron is making it necessary to apply new security measures also for activities that until now did not require the possession of a Green Pass. Under the attention of the legislator, this time, also the so-called services for the person: from the neighbor 20 January also to go to the hairdresser and beautician will be necessary the basic green certification , obtainable with vaccination, healing or negative swab.

The new rules from the hairdresser and beautician

Thanks to the still recent memory of the long months of closure linked to the health emergency of the first waves of the Covid pandemic – 19, and in an attempt to ensure the regular performance of activities in maximum safety for customers and workers, hairdressers and beauty salons will be held starting from 20 January to check the Green Pass for customers who want to have access to the services in the salon. The details concerning these specific commercial activities are contained in the text of the new anti Covid decree approved by the Council of Ministers on January 5 2022 the whose publication in the Official Journal, scheduled for January 7, is expected shortly.

To go to the hairdresser or beautician, where the use of protective equipment such as gloves, masks, capes and disposable gowns has been mandatory for some time, it will therefore be necessary to show the well-known basic green certification, or the one issued to vaccinated subjects , or those who have completed at least the primary vaccination course (two doses) and to those who can prove to be cured from Covid .

Access allowed with Green Pass also to those who can show the result of a negative swab (i.e., a valid antigenic swab 48 hours or valid molecular buffer 72 hours). This last part of the new measures is the result of the mediation obtained by the Government to allow access to the hairdresser and beauty centers even for customers who have not carried out the vaccination without making those who occupy the same spaces risk infection. The penalty for non-possession, or failure to request the Green Pass may be around between 400 and 1. 000 $.

The Green Pass also for banks and shops

Hairdressers and beauty centers are only the first of the public activities that will be subject to 20 from January to greater health monitoring: the Green Pass, already required for catering, cinemas, theaters, will be an access requirement, from 1 February , also for banks, public offices and shops with the exclusion of supermarkets and other activities linked exclusively to the purchase and sale of foodstuffs.

Between smartworking, regulation of access to public transport and new changes to the quarantine timing of those involved in school activities, the fight against the virus is becoming more and more intense, in an attempt to stem a situation that is increasingly complex every day.

Among the most impressive measures of the new decree, the institution of the obligation to vaccinate the over

certainly stands out. , one size without precedents in $pe, with the recovered having the obligation to be vaccinated within six months. Always with the aim of speeding up vaccinations, from 15 February, for over 50 workers, both in the public and private sectors, the possession of a Green Pass is required strengthened. Also for these latter cases, important sanctions are envisaged to ensure compliance with the obligation.