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“Grateful to Italy for this opportunity”

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They arrived this morning around half past twelve at the Federnuoto Center in Ostia le ten athletes and the two coaches of the Ukrainian national team of synchronized swimming fleeing from the places of conflict and who in the coming weeks will be able to live and train in the Fin center, far from the horrors of war. Leaving last night around 9pm from Budapest, after having traveled 1500 kilometers to cross the borders of their own country, the girls arrived tired and smiling, welcomed by President Fin Paolo Barelli and by the Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali. They are all very young, they are between 14 and 21 years old, they are stunned but at the same time cheered up. “Our family members are in a safe place and we are grateful to Italy for this opportunity,” they say in chorus. The harder the coach Oleisia Zaytseva with a voice broken by tears: “We can do nothing but continue to compete, for our people, for our country, to defend Ukraine”. Four other girls and three coaches failed to join the group but they should be able to leave – says Barelli – between tonight and tomorrow. In Ostia they will be able to live and train in view of a season full of events, impossible to say for how long. Everyone’s hope is for the shortest possible time: it would mean that peace has returned to Ukraine.