Which tech company is named after a very large number?

Google Google today is the world’s most popular search engine, indexing untold billions of webpages. So when the company was first starting out, co-founders wanted a name that was based on the mathematical term “googol,” a large number that is the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes.


The Answer: The correct answer is Google.

Which tech company is named after a very large number?

How can I name my new technology company?
Start a naming contest and recruit hundreds of branding experts to help you name your business, product or service. You can also request taglines and logos for your brand. Technology companies generally all share one thing in common: A desire to change the world.

Is it hard to name a technology company?
The fact is, developing a brand name for a technology company is different than for a non-tech company. The study found tech startups in the high-growth find it tough to get a name that’s sounds cool and gets noticed.

This week, the Kentucky Republican engineered a deal with Senate Democrats to temporarily lift the debt ceiling over Trump’s objections and calls for his replacement as the chamber’s top Republican, a perch he has occupied for almost 15 years. It is part of a pattern that has repeated itself since the former president’s defeat last November. Trump insists McConnell support or oppose some policy or take some course of action, and the minority leader demurs. Read more

Trump lately has escalated his feud with McConnell by advocating for his removal as the Senate minority leader. “Mitch is not the guy, not the right guy, he’s not doing the job,” he told Fox News’s Sean Hannity. McConnell’s reaction has been the same — no reaction; and not the slightest hint of altering his leadership strategy to satisfy a former president who happens to maintain a great deal of support among grassroots Republican voters.