Google Translate vs Yandex Translate

Google Translate vs Yandex Translate: Which is Better?

Can’t choose between Google Translate and Yandex Translate? Yandex Translate etc. With Google Translate, you can put an end to confusion.

Today there are many translation services such as Google Translate, Yandex Translate, Microsoft Translator, but users around the world focus on just two translation services among today’s translation services. These translation services are Yandex Translate and Google Translate. So, does Google’s translation service or Yandex’s translation service work better? Google Translate vs. With Yandex Translate  , we will find out which of the two leading translation services in the world is better.

Machine translation, that is, computer aided translation, has evolved to an incredible size today. When we travel to any country in today’s conditions, even if we have no idea about the local language of that country, we can communicate with people with great ease thanks to translation services. These translation tools have developed so much that you can even translate the sentences in the photo yourself.

Google Translate vs Details on Yandex Translation

There is a controversy between users of Yandex translation service and users of Google’s translation service from years ago. Users of Yandex claim that Yandex Translate performs much better than Google Translate, while Google’s users claim that Google Translate performs much better than Yandex Translate.

is Yandex Translate better or Google Translate? Google Translate vs. We will eliminate this question mark with Yandex Translate .

1. The Accuracy of Translations

yandex vs google

2. Ease of Use

Google Translate and Yandex Translate have some common features that offer internet users ease of use. Google Translate and Yandex Translate services include features such as listening to text, transcribing the voice (voice translation), adding the translation result to favorites, sharing the translation result, on-screen keyboard and language detection.

Google Translate vs Yandex Translate

Text Listening:  This feature helps you learn the pronunciation of the word or phrase you want it translated and how it is translated.

Voice Translation: You  can learn the words you do not know the spelling but can pronounce by pressing the microphone button.

• Adding Translation Result to Favorites:  Allows saving the translated word or phrase. If you use this feature, you will have the opportunity to access these translations again in the future.

Sharing Translation Results:  Yandex Translate has a little more than Google Translate in this feature.

For example, while you can only share translation results from Google Translate via email and Twitter, you have options to Yandex Translate such as Email, Facebook, and in addition to these options, you also have the possibility to copy the link of the translation.

On-Screen Keyboard: The  on-screen keyboard has a vital role in case of a problem with your keyboard. This feature is available in both Google Translate and Yandex Translate.

Language Detection: With  this feature, you do not need to make an effort to select a language because you can directly learn in which language any text is written.

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Apart from the above features, there are some features in which the two services are superior to each other. Examples of features that Google Translate is superior to Yandex Translate are learning the frequency of use of words, and showing examples of using the word in a sentence. Yandex Translate also has some features that are superior to Google Translate. You can take a look at these features right below.

Google Translate vs Yandex Translate

Find  Out Frequency of Use of Words: This feature is only available in Google Translate. You can find out the word suggestions and how often these words are used just below the box where the translation is made.

Showing an Example of the Use of the Word in a Sentence:  This feature is only available in Google Translate, just like the feature of learning the frequency of use of words. With this feature, you can examine an example of the use of the word in a sentence just below the box where the desired word to be translated is written.

•  Translating Texts in Images: In Google Translate, this feature is only available in the mobile application, but the texts in the images can be translated in both the web and mobile versions of Yandex Translation.

3.Supported Languages

Yandex Translate lags slightly behind Google’s translation service under this topic. Google Translate surpasses Yandex Translate by offering a slightly higher language option than Yandex Translate offers. Yandex’s translation service has an average of 99 language options. Google Translate has an average of 103 languages.

Yandex translate vs Google translate

4. Platform Support

Google Translate is a bit more comprehensive in this regard. Yandex Translation is only available on Android, iOS and web platforms. Google Translate has a desktop version in addition to Android, iOS and web platforms.

5. Character Limitation

When we look at the character limitation criteria of Yandex Translation, we see that it is superior to Google Translate. While Yandex Translate restricts users who want to translate to 10,000 characters; Google Translate has set this character limit as 5,000. If you want to translate long articles, it will be more useful to use Yandex’s translation service.