Google Translate, which almost all internet users know; While translating into nearly 110 languages, it also has features that will make our work in both academic and daily life much easier. Let’s take a closer look at these little-known amazing features together.

You definitely have a job for Google’s Translate service. With this magnificent feature, we can access nearly 110 languages with a single click, and make our daily life much easier. We examine together the other important aspects of this service, which is more than translating between languages, and that will make our lives easier.

However, there is one thing we should be aware of: Google Translate service may not translate your words or phrases correctly in some cases, as it is open to development by all users. You should remember that it is useful to review your texts that you edited with the help of Google Translate once again.

You can practice memorizing words in a foreign language:

Google Translate

When trying to learn a language, it can be a very good way to memorize the simplest and most common words in everyday use. For this, you can make a vocabulary dictionary that is private to you and can only be seen by the people you want. This service, which is one of the most useful features of the translation application, can save the words you have translated before and want to work with later, and you can export them in Excel format whenever you want. Thus, you can improve in the language you want by studying these words whenever you find time.

To take advantage of this feature, click the pale asterisk next to the word you are translating. If the star icon has turned yellow, it means that Google has started saving that word for you. When you click on the “Saved” button on the same page, you can see your previously saved words. You can also transfer your saved words to your computer in Excel format by clicking the green circled button in the image.

You can translate by speaking:

Voice Translation

Let’s say you want to translate a long text but you are too lazy to write it or you know how to say a word but not how to write it. To overcome such problems, Google Translate has a very good solution; To talk! You can transfer the word you want to Translate by saying it into your phone’s microphone and learn the equivalent.

Using this feature is actually very simple. When you come to the translation screen, click on the microphone icon we marked in the image. After you say “Yes” to the microphone usage permission that appears, the voice translation feature will be active. When you see the “Speak now” warning, you can say any word you want and learn the answer.

You can learn the pronunciation of words aloud:

Audio Pronunciation

In our previous article, we told you that you can translate by speaking. Now, on the contrary, we are talking about a feature that you can learn by listening. In this feature, which can be used in any language you translate; You can learn by listening to the pronunciation of the word or sentence you want. Words that are pronounced fluently and clearly are pronounced quickly when you click once, and slowly when you click a second time.

When using this feature, it will be enough to touch the speaker icon, which is located just below the area you are translating and is marked with blue in the image. This feature, which you can use in your own language or the translated language, will be a very good way for you to learn the pronunciation of words.

You can also use it without internet:

If you have downloaded the Google Translate application to your phone or tablet before, you can translate offline even when you don’t have internet. It is only useful to remind; Currently, computer users do not have such a feature. Only mobile users can benefit from this service.

The use of this life-saving feature is when you are connected to the wireless network, open the translation application. On either side of the screen, click on the language option at the top. Then click on the download icon (marked with green in the image) next to the languages opened on the “Translate from” menu. After you see the downloaded warning and icon next to the languages saved on your device (marked in blue in the image), you can start using the application offline.

You can learn the meanings and usage areas of words:

With the Google Translate service, you can do much more than translate a word between two languages. You can find out whether the word is used as a noun or a verb, especially when the meanings of words create confusion in your mind. At the same time, you can examine similar example words about how the word you translated is used in situations such as adjectives, nouns and verbs. This feature, where you can also see example sentences related to these situations, will make it very easy for you to master a language.

You can translate an entire page by just pasting the link:

The fact that you can simply paste the link of the site you want to translate into Google Translate and translate a whole page into the language you want. However, the most important thing to note here is that -especially when you translate from English to other languages- the patterns of a language cannot be translated correctly from time to time.

translate an entire page

Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem of the application, which translates very quickly. After choosing the language you want to translate, paste the link of the site you want to translate. When the link you pasted turns blue on the other language side in a very short time, you can click on the icon we marked in the image and reach the translation site.

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You can translate with one click:

One of the best things about the translation feature is that it works very quickly. With this feature, you can translate all the texts you choose very quickly, without going to another page, with the small plugin you will install. Google Chrome users can go to the Add-on page and install the add-on by clicking here. After installing the plugin, you will see a small translation icon (marked red in the image) on all the texts you selected. By clicking on this icon, you can translate words or sentences.

BONUS: You can translate texts around you with the camera in Google Translate’s mobile app:

Google Translate's mobile

You can translate instantly by opening the Google Translate mobile application, tapping the camera symbol and pointing the phone at the texts around you. Although it does not work as stable as standard translation, it is possible to say that it works well on product packages containing texts in a foreign language or on signage when you are in a country where you do not know the language.

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