Google Pixel Fold: the fold will be like this – RB

Google Pixel Fold: the fold will be like this – RB

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Google Pixel Fold: this will be the fold – RB

Google Pixel Fold: this will be the fold – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Google Pixel Fold: the fold will be like this – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Google Pixel Fold: the fold will be like this – RB


Google Pixel Fold may be different than we would have expected. The latest rumor comes from Google

14 January 2022

For several months now, rumors have been circulating regarding the creation of a foldable smartphone by Google . The model, which is still under development, could take the name of Pixel Fold and Big G would be spreading more and more from time to time clues about its features and characteristics.

The device, in fact, would have already appeared other times in some leaks with the code names Passport and Pipit , also revealing some details about his camera. The latest news reveals it to us 9to5Google , who noticed a ‘another time the name Pipit, associated by Google itself to the animations of a beta release of Android showing how to insert the SIM in a folding device . From the images it is possible to draw some ideas regarding the position of the hinge and, more generally, the aesthetics of the device . It was expected to be very similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold3 , but apparently it will be a little different.

Google Pixel Fold, what it will look like

As can be seen in the animations of the Android 12 L Beta 2 released for a couple of days, Google would show how to insert a SIM card inside a foldable smartphone. But the detail that most catches the eye is the code name Pipit , which would refer to the Pixel Fold. Since these are animations of a pre-release of the robot’s operating system, it is possible that Google will remove them before the official launch.

In the first of the two you can see the device closed on itself with hinge that stands out on the left side and the SIM trolley that comes out from the bottom. On the face shown, the external display of the Google leaflet could find a place , or so at least it would suggest the G present in the center.

The second animation shows the smartphone open and you can see the signs of the hinge in the upper and lower part in the central position. The SIM slot, on the other hand, is located in the left half. On the edge of the right half, you can also see something that looks like the volume adjustment rocker .

Based on the images alone, it appears that the Google Pixel Fold looks more like Find N than Galaxy Fold . In fact, when it is open, square appears. However, the display size should be larger than that of the Oppo folding and, previously, some rumors speculated a 7.6-inch diagonal .

Furthermore, according to what 9to5Google reports, the Pixel Fold could integrate the same processor used by the Pixel 6 series, i.e. the proprietary chipset Google Tensor GS 101 , and could make use of the same camera present on the basic variant.

Google Pixel Fold, when it will arrive

If everything is confirmed, it is likely that we could see the new Google smartphone already in 2022 , which will be added to other excellent devices such as Honor V Magic , Huawei P 50 Pocket and the leaflets of Samsung and Oppo .

Who knows if Apple , which has not yet decided to launch the first foldable iPhone , will still be waiting a long time.